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Some small changes are coming to the Nexus again and Blizzard has yet another surprise for us. This Wednesday, May 4, there will be a small balance update regarding Tracer. Also there is a big mystery flying above the battlegrounds…

Tracer has been available for everyone to purchase in the game only recently. She fell in the most recent Heroes’ trap by being very overpowered at her release. According to the statistics on HoTS Log, she is now at a 55% win rate. Tracer was getting really close to Xul’s stats when he came out. In only a few days, she was also the most banned Hero with around 80k games banned, tossing aside Li-ming and Illidan.
Tracer Spotlight - Heroes of the Storm
In this patch, Blizzard decided to change some of Tracer’s characteristics to make her less powerful starting by lowering her health, basic attack damage, and increasing Recall’s cooldown. These simple modifications are already making her less impactful. However, when she reaches Level 16, players will have the choice to gain back some of the basic attack damage.
More changes might come in the next patches. However, they did mention that from a balance perspective, she is close to Illidan since the perfect balance changes they can make are more narrow than most heroes. Some small changes could make her extremely unbalanced for the best or the worst. You can head to the First Look article on the official website of Heroes of the Storm for more specific details about those changes!

Something Flies Above the Nexus

This was shared early yesterday and it really got many fans intrigued. The following information are only assumptions, as there have been no announcement from Blizzard regarding this gif. Since the early alpha, players have been asking for a dragon to join the Nexus, could it finally becoming a reality? There are no more information about the identity of this creature, but it could be the next Hero to join the battle.


The Heartston art for Deathwing

Assuming on the shape of it, it would be one of the many dragons from World of Warcraft, but which one? Many players have been hoping to see Deathwing ravage the Nexus, but this dragon doesn’t seem to have the exact shape. Unfortunately, in an interview with Blizzplanet back at PAX Prime 2014, Dustin Browder mentioned that he wouldn’t be going for Deathwing being a Hero. They consider him to be way too big and could only be added in the game as a battleground boss. We don’t know if they changed their mind about this, but this is going to be a big announcement if so!

In the character design process for Heroes of the Storm, the creative team gathers many past designs and ties to come up with new and unique one for the game. So many fans are still hoping for Deathwing to make it’s grand entrance one day as Neltharion.


However this other gif was shared today and it gives us a whole new perspective about the upcoming content:

What else could it be?

It might not even be a dragon. However, since we love the idea of a big flying terror in the Nexus, here are some other characters that could be our creature:

It is more likely, with a polymorph ability, to expect a Blue Dragonflight, but Ysera could also be an option. Ysera is a Dragon Aspect like Deathwing, but she is more related to the Emerald Dream. She is known to prefer to neutralize her enemies and banish them, rather than fighting them. She would make an interesting support. Kalecgos and Malygos would also be two important characters to consider with this ability. Blue Dragons are known for their use of magic and spells. Malygos is the former leader of Blue Dragonflight, blessed by a titan as the Aspect of magic. Kalecgos is the new leader of the group and was named the new Aspect. He is also very close to Jaina in the comic books and is also part of the Kirin Tor. Both of those characters would make interesting heroes! We certainly can’t wait for the big reveal!

We will let you decide who you think it will be!Let us know in the comments below and we will follow any new teasers or news concerning this mysterious Hero!

All of the artwork, gif and screenshots used in this article are copyright of Blizzard Entertainment. Speculation is in no way affiliated with Blizzard.

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