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Last year, during PlayStation Experience, Naughty Dog surprised everyone when they revealed the first teaser of the highly anticipated sequel of The Last of UsThe Last of Us Part II. The trailer featured the characters Joel and Ellie, with Ellie playing an acoustic rendition of Shawn James’ “Through the Valley.”

During Paris Games Week 2017, Naughty Dog shocked audiences once again with another teaser trailer for The Last Of Us Part II. This teaser, though, does not feature Joel or Ellie at all. Rather than featuring the series’ two main protagonists, the clip showcases new characters.

The Trailer

The trailer opens with an ominous tone, as a score by Gustavo Santaolalla plays, while two hooded henchmen drag a woman through the woods in the dark and mud as they light their way with a torch. Hands bound, the woman is unconscious.

As they reach their destination, the two drop the women to the ground. She wakes up abruptly. As she looks around and observes her surroundings, she can see bodies as they dangle from the trees above her.

As the woman tries to stand to her feet and flee, they subdue her and then wrap a noose around her neck. The other hooded person sits a bucket under her feet for her to stand on. She removes her hood and pulls out a knife. She is the one in charge – Emily. “They are nested with sin” as she lifts up the woman’s shirt and presses the knife to her stomach.

Emily Swallow as Emily.

Just before Emily cuts into the woman, a whistle in the distance distracts her. The hooded henchmen run toward the whistling sound, and they return with another hooded man and yet another woman held captive – Yara. Emily turns her attention to her.

Victoria Grace as Yara.

New Characters, New Story

As Emily asks Yara a question, she receives some spit in the face. “Clip her wings.”

The two men hold her down as one begins to hammer her left arm. He passes the hammer to the other henchman. Just before he can come down on her right arm, arrows hit him in the face and chest. In this crucial moment, Yara grabs the hammer with her right arm and downs the henchman. Emily begins to shoot into the woods with a revolver.

Suddenly, the hanged woman begins to choke Emily with her legs, Yara comes down on her with the hammer, finishing her.

As the hanged woman drops a now dead Emily, she begins to struggle to stay alive as the bucket falls over.

Our archer from before, Lev, comes out of the woods to tend to Yara as he leaves the woman to hang. After some persuading, Lev cuts her down from the tree and frees her hands from behind her back. She then removes the hammer from Emily’s head.

Ian Alexander as Lev.

“Watch your backs.” The five-minute trailer comes to an end as a pack of clickers comes running from the woods. The three arm themselves, ready to face their threats.

“At its core, The Last of Us is still very much about Ellie and Joel, but for this reveal, we wanted to showcase several new characters that are integral to their next journey.”

There is not much information about these three new characters or even The Last Of Us Part II at this point. But Naughty Dog is hard at work to deliver a memorable sequel to its beloved predecessor. There is also no official release date.

Images are copyright of Naughty Dog.

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