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Tales of BerseriaBandai Namco Entertainment released their latest English-dubbed trailer for Tales of Berseria. “The Calamity and The Blade” trailer showcases the next entry in the Tales games, a long-running JRPG series with multiple titles to their name since 1995.

Keep Them Coming

For what it is worth, I consider myself a Tales fan in general. Needless to say, this next title excites me and makes me eager to play. In fact, my favorite game to this day is the first Tales of Xillia, but who knows? Maybe Tales of Berseria will take its place.

Frankly, I love the Tales titles for a variety of reasons. First off, playing a Tales game is like playing an anime episode out in the form of an RPG. Secondly, it helps that the series’ main combat staple called the Linear Motion Battle System (LMBS) often makes battles both interesting and engaging.

Just playing battles out in a real-time with your party members, instead of being turn-based affairs, equates to button-mashing, combo-stringing goodness.

Tales Combat

Each Tales entry often expands and enhances its LMBS system for a streamlined, improved experience.

A Tale of Revenge

After watching the trailer, it is quite clear the story for Tales of Berseria revolves around vengeance. Velvet Crowe, the game’s protagonist, becomes infected with something called Daemonblight. Daemonblight is a mysterious disease that turns humans, plants and animals violent. Also, you even witness one of Velvet’s loved ones being killed in front of her eyes, so her motivation is already pretty clear.


Velvet Crowe

But judging by how the trailer plays out, Tales of Berseria will no doubt tackle a lot of religious motifs. This plot device is something not uncommon in JRPG plots. I am going to expect plenty of familiar good-versus-evil concepts. Of course, the “evil” is the side Velvet resides on within their world. Probably.

Hopefully, Tales of Berseria delivers. Unfortunately, I admit the last entry, Tales of Zestiria, left me a tad disappointed.

The release date is January 24 for PS4 and January 26, for PC via Steam, respectively, in 2017.

Tales of Berseria images belong to Bandai Namco Entertainment.

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