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Heroes of the Storm is ready to bring a new hero to battle and Blizzard has been teasing us about it’s identity on social media. A lot of players have been trying to guess based on the teaser about it, and it’s safe to assume that we know who it is. They also announced a brand new map that should come out in their next big patch!
Something strange set afoot in the Nexus

“Something strange set afoot in the Nexus”

 It was on March 14 that the official Heroes of the Storm Facebook shared a strange screenshot. The picture shows a weird trail in one of the maps with for only description : ”Something strange set afoot in the Nexus”. A few days later, another similar image was shown with a hole in the ground, ”The mystery just got a hole lot deeper”. Who doesn’t love the classic Blizzard puns?
Dehaka Teaser 3 for heroes of the storm
Yesterday, they revealed another picture, this time taking the style of NNN. Starcraft 2 players might remember the news channel in the game named UNN. In the picture, you will notice that both channel have the same typography and colors for their logo. Also, they have the exact same presentation. The news’ title is: Missing pigs: Farmer spots strange creature. You can also see a focus on a creature in the woods.
 Starcraft 2 UNN

Finally, today they released a gif introducing fans to four glowing eyes hiding in the leaves and the quote: “Essence is change. Change is survival. Collect and live. Stay still and die.” – Dehaka.

This teaser gif posted across social media got us hyped!

This teaser gif posted across social media got us hyped!

It is now safe to say that Dehaka will be the new hero to inter the Nexus. As a story reminder, Dehaka is a primal Zerg from Startcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm. He is a pack leader from Zarus and he welcomes Kerrigan after acknowledging her power as a Zerg.
While Blizzard has not released any official information about skills or abilities for the new Hero, there are some things that are safe to assume. Dekaha would be a new warrior for the game, the very first of it’s class for the StarCraft 2 heroes. There is not any date for when he will be unleashed into the Nexus but we can predict he will come in a bundle that would include the character and his first skin. We doubt that he would get to be on a mount considering his enormous size and the way his anatomy is (imagine your poor Billy having to get that on his little back).
dehaka in starcraft 2: Heart ot the swarm

Official Artwork for Dehaka in Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm by Samwise Didier

However, as avid players of HoTS, we are most concerned with the gameplay balance of this upcoming hero. It’s difficult to gauge if he will be “overpowered” or not, but we have seen both sides of the spectrum with Li-ming and Xul: two very powerful characters with high win rate that got nerfed hard one or two weeks after release. Or he could be like Lunara or Greymane and be considered too week on his feet on his first day compared to expectations. Let’s not forget that Tracer should also make her way in the Nexus in the next few months for the release of Overwatch! She is advertised in the Origins and Collector’s edition for the game. We will keep an eye on any updates related to those two future heroes.
Lost Cavern 3

The Lost Cavern map

Blizzard also officially announced their new map: Lost Cavern. The battleground won’t have objectives this time and will be on a single lane. The starting area healing and hearthstones have been removed for this battle, but regeneration orbs will be spawning in strategic areas. This map will however only be available through custom games. Players will need to create a new game in custom mode and invite your friends or type /lobbylink to allow other people to join. This was made to allow players who enjoy that game style to get to experience it freely, while those who are not interested in it won’t have it in their map rotations for quick matches.

Lost Cavern

Do you like the idea of a more casual map mode, or would you prefer to it to have it’s own section in the game? Let us know in the comments below!


All screenshots and in-game images are copyrights of Blizzard Entertainment and Heroes of the Storm. Illustration souce: S.Didier DeviantArt

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