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It has been an exciting news week for Paragon: the release of patch V.34, a new hero teaser, the V.35.1 card survey, and Monolith’s release date was finally announced–just in time for Christmas!


Monolith has been set to release this year in December, defying expectations that it would arrive in 2017. Anticipated by the majority of the player base, Monolith is Epic Games’ solution to a number of problems that have plagued the game for some time. If you missed the details on Monolith, check out our article here and Epic Games’ blog series entitled “Road to Monolithhere!


Crunch Hero Teaser

This week players also got a teaser trailer and reveal for the new melee fighter, Crunch. Crunch is a bruiser character similar in nature to another character, Kwang. Crunch utilizes a series of heavy hitting punches and a unique combo system. Crunch has an ability which empowers his attacks after every third ability used, opening up an entirely new set of possible combinations. Crunch will be available to play on the 15th of November.



The changes in V.34 were largely cosmetic, and included the somewhat confusing Grux Pelt Khaimera skin (pictured above) and the Arctic Frost Dekker skin. In addition, PS4 Pro support has now been added. To see how the game looks with these changes, check out the comparison video here.

There are new gameplay tools, such as red rings highlighting when towers are unsafe to walk through, and the introduction of a death camera which allows players to view the events leading up to their demise.

The weekly card pack was a little different this time around, with Reddit findings pointing to broken loot tables; Epic Games made sure that the cards that proved so elusive were included.


Alpha Barrier is an expensive upgrade card that gives the user a bonus 110 energy armor, significantly reducing damage taken from energy damage heroes. While its high cost (5 card points) may put people off, there is no reason that Alpha Barrier can’t be used casually or competitively.

Stab Link is the Epic Rare in the pack, allowing the user to teleport a short distance forward, the caveat being 35% of their base health (not total health) is siphoned away every time they teleport. The card has a cool down of 15 seconds providing the user has not been hit by an enemy ability in the past 5 seconds.

Lastly, Radiant Mantle is a staple for Order affinity fighters, providing extra damage in an area every second while out of travel mode. Especially useful for farming and clearing waves, Radiant Mantle has seen a lot of competitive use and will undoubtedly continue to do so.

Paragon is a 3rd person MOBA from Epic Games, to try it, go to the website and download for free!

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