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Monolith is arriving soon. December 6th is the set date, an early Christmas present from Epic Games to us.

Now as we draw ever closer to the big reveal, Epic Games are starting to drop more details about reworks and new systems involved in Monolith.

Monolith has a release date ready and waiting to go, but before that, Epic Games has decided to start filling in players on what to expect. Hero reworks, movement speed changes, new mechanics and more should have players thrilled come December.

paragon-blog-monolith-systems-and-hero-rework-safelane_art_2-1920x1080-34ce6d3335c3a80d3f941fa7905b1c3440138697-2Up The Tempo

Paragon has struggled in the past with issues surrounding gameplay and action speed, but Epic Games has done away with all the fluff and decided to revamp how the game feels. Character movement speed has now been increased but is at a base universal cap, a character can only increase their speed by using abilities such as Muriel’s Alacrity or cards that boost movement speed like Tempus Pearl.

The cooldowns on abilities have been slashed and “Cooldown Reduction” is no longer a stat that can be upgraded in the card shop (the exceptions being when CDR is part of a card’s fully upgraded bonus). This has changed Gadget’s Sticky Mine from a 15 second ability into an 8 second ability!

paragon-blog-monolith-systems-and-hero-rework-safelane_art_3-1920x1080-f35e836d79009bcaaabdc6b5cd94dcc95a890b07Damage Types

The ways we now improve our damage are changing, cards bought in the card shop are unified into one Power stat, which benefits characters in accordance with their hero scaling (for example, a caster hero will have higher base ability damage than a ranger). Following a more traditional MOBA system seen in games such as League of Legends, players now have to choose whether to invest in heavy hitting primary attacks or devastating ability combos. Along with the changes to damage come changes to armor, the concepts of “physical” and “energy” damage done away with. Now, players must decide between building Basic Armor or Ability Armor, players are going to have to decide what proves to be the greatest threat on the enemy team and work around it.


Vision Updates

One immediate change to player vision is the removal of Shadow Pads. Previously on Legacy (current map in Paragon), Shadow Pads were placed at strategic choke points to block vision for one team and provide a sneaky hiding spot for the other. However, these are now being removed, in favor of Fog Walls (pictured above). Fog Walls draw some of their inspiration from the old MOBA method of vision management known as Fog of War, which hid sectors of the map that a team had no control over, either by player sight or wards. These new Fog Walls block all vision into and out of the jungle areas between the 3 lanes, adding an extra layer of tension and surprise packed gameplay. All of these design revamps are in the spirit of Paragon‘s manifesto – The MOBA that puts you in the action.

Additionally on top of all these changes, hero reworks are in the pipeline and Epic Games has said the game will feel like a whole new creature, we can only hope that Monolith brings about the paradigm shift we are looking for.

If you have missed the Monolith release news, go check out our article hereParagon is a 3rd person MOBA from Epic Games, to try it, go to the website and download for free!

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