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Live from PAX West are new features to make the Twitch viewing experience better than ever. We’re talking about extensions similar to a web browser, promotional pricing, and global emotes that have caused an uproar.

Extensions on Twitch

A new Twitch Extension feature allows viewers to interact with streamers. Some enable a feature to inspect cards in Hearthstone, see game stats in Rocket League, or even examine gear in PUBG. This feature will function exactly as any other extension would, by enabling them through your channel in the new Extension Manager (Shown in the screenshot below).

But that’s not all! Streamers can enable mini games that viewers can play during a live stream. It allows viewers to have a new level of interaction not previously seen on Twitch. Instead of needing to ask the viewers for direction and having to wait because of the chat delay, viewers will be able to interact with the screen – depending on the extension.

And still, that’s not all that there is to know about Twitch Extensions. The final piece of information is that these optional extensions can be created by the viewers. As in, there is no curated list of extensions by game companies. Since viewers can create these extensions, there are endless possibilities for what gamers want to know. By allowing these extensions to be made by viewers, streamers won’t need to have complicated overlays. Tournaments viewed from home could be easier to understand, without barraging them with an exorbitant amount of information (here’s looking at you League of Legends…)

More information will be rolled out in the coming weeks but for now, check out the Twitch official blog post.

Further information about the Extensions rolling out can be found in this article also from the official Twitch Blog.

Subscriptions Promotion

Another piece of exciting news regarding Twitch is for partners and affiliates. They will be able to get their first month at a 50% discount. Instead of paying $4.99, $9.99, or $24.99 USD, a first-time subscriber can do this for half that price! Though, the first question on everyone’s mind is what does that mean for the streamer? Plainly, the streamer will still receive the full amount of their contract.

Again, there is no information about when this promotion will roll out or for how long it is available, but take a look at the tweet below.

Global Emote ‘Controversy’

Twitch announced some new global emotes but only one of them has caused quite the reaction. Many users are familiar with the emote ‘LUL’ which is John “Totalbiscuit” Bain’s face. Essentially, awhile back, a gentleman created this emoticon and he went as far as putting a DMCA claim on the piece. Fast forward to sometime later, former lawyer Bain, set out to claim the emote as his own since it is his face. But because of the DMCA, Bain was not able to get the emote rights under his name. Instead, he created a subscriber only emote which is an updated version of LUL. Today, Twitch announced that Bain’s LUL would be the new global emote thereby replacing the old one.

Many people have chimed in on the topic while Bain has cackled maniacally in a corner somewhere.

In the picture below, the top one can be done by typing ‘LUL’ in any chat. The second is now a Better Twitch Tv only emote.

Final Thoughts

Pax West runs from September 1st to 4th and its jam packed with games, panels, and performances. EloTalk is being represented by five staff members who will be covering content during the weekend. Stay tuned for more information about video games, reviews, and panels from them!

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