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Yesterday, January 18th, the Nintendo Switch was reported to have a Matchmaking App for online communication. Members of EloTalk have a few questions with regards to this ability, both good and bad.

The Matchmaking App

With all the information on the Nintendo Switch, it’s no shock that when news arises about another app, many questions will be sure to follow. Firstly, the application is going to display the current status of online friends. Secondly, players will be able to connect through Bluetooth – completely eliminating the need for a headset. While lastly, players are able to create their own lobbies with access through the application.

This obviously means that Nintendo wants to allow a complete portable experience, despite not implementing a StreetPass or MiiVerse equivalent. The whole purpose of Switch is a home entertainment console with complete portability.

“I can answer that we’re not going to be using MiiVerse for Nintendo Switch.”  David Young, Nintendo’s Assistant Manager of Public Relations: Treehouse Live Event – January 13th, 2017


Pros and Cons

On one hand, this development is a boon as users will only require a smartphone! There will not be an extra charge for that peripheral like other systems.

While on the other hand, it begs the question if your friends are going to need access to phone numbers? Will the app be tracking a user’s location based on your GPS? Also, what about its data usage? While many people have a good sized data plan, not everyone is fortunate enough to have high priced plans. That’s not to say that users will be online chatting to their friends all the time, but when it gets close to billing time it might become a concern. What happens if your smartphone dies? The ability to access your friends online would be gone until a new phone was purchased!

Final Thoughts

This information further reinforces the need to determine what is important for their gaming console. Ask critical questions of companies and then decide if a product is worthy of the cost. Is it worth the cost of $299.99?You decide.

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