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October 27th marks the day that Danny O’Dwyer in collaboration with Psyonix officially announced a new documentary about Rocket League. The video producer of it is none other than Danny O’Dwyer, a notable gamer, former GameSpot employee, and frequent guest on the Co-optional Podcast. This documentary proves to be an interesting project for him.

About Danny O’Dwyer

Impressively, Danny’s interest in Rocket League doesn’t come as a shock to many. He is an avid fan of racing, a fact that can be determined from tweets like this:

Since the creation of Noclip, the first project is the epic battle car game, Rocket League. This new venture gives him the opportunity to show off his love and passion for capturing a raw vision into the gaming industry, skills he’s learned over the years. In the early days, he began as a producer for a couple of projects, leaping into both game and web development, and finally moved on to games journalism – his current profession.

Amongst his accolades, he has been a guest on the Co-Optional Podcast and Kinda Funny Games. He is most notable for being a contributor on GameSpot but left the gig in September of this year. Since O’Dwyer is an avid gamer with proven stripes, it will be exciting to see what comes out of this new venture. Perhaps it is a biased thought but the Rocket League documentary is a fantastic place to start.

The Documentary & Release Date

Earlier in the year, Danny O’Dwyer started a patreon for Noclip,a production company set to follow video games via documentaries. His colleague is Jeremy Jayne who writes the music for the project, also an ex-video producer of GameSpot. To date, the crowd funding site has garnered them nearly 20k per month for this new undertaking.

In the trailer, we see that Danny O’Dwyer is no stranger when it comes to Rocket League.

The official release of it will be done in two parts. Part one releases Monday, October 31st and will cover the history of Psyonix and Rocket League. Part two releases the following day, Nov. 1st and will discuss the creation and launch of the successful game.

Due to its launch, Noclip will have its own community flag patched in by Psyonix in the next update.


The Story of Rocket League, will be on the Noclip YouTube channel and it will be wonderful to see the vision behind Psyonix’s epic game. Those who are interested in game development might find should stay tuned! As The Story of Rocket League merely marks the beginning of many documentaries forthcoming, keep an eye on Noclip!



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