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Official Launch of AquaDome for Rocket League Out Today!

Today, October 4th is the official launch of the AquaDome for Rocket League and it’s sure to be fantastic! Take a look at a few new features added.

Last week we covered Rocket League’s new arena announcement that AquaDome was being released sooner than the public realized, we only had “October” as the anticipated time. They announced its launch day for today, October 4th and the objective is to go over some of the new content beyond the DLC cars and the arena.


Not only are players given the new cars, now there are more antennas and a community flag. The “Harpoon”, “Trident”, and “Starfish” will now represent your seafaring vehicles. If those don’t amuse you and you want to represent Rocket League in its full capacity, equip the new RLCS flag!

There are other decals you can get via DLC and those are: Crash Dive, Cuttle Time, Fathom, Ladybug, Stripes, Tiger Shark. All of those are for Proteus, one of the two new cars. The other set of decals you can acquire are for the Triton: Daddy-O, Fugu, Makai, Modus Bestia (this one could be bada$$), Ragnarok, and Stripes.

Rocket Trails are being added like Ink and Treasure, which both cause smiles on pirate faces (“not all treasure is silver and gold mate”). A rare topper has been added called the “Clamshell”. Two rare wheels added are called “Asterias” and” Zeta”.

Furthermore, these wheels can drop painted attributes like: Alchemist, Almas, Dieci, Falco (what? Falco? – Points if you get that reference.. tweet me if you do!), Invader, Neptune, Octavian, OEM, Spyder, Stern, Veloce, and Vortex.

We shall soon see what these all look like upon launch of the patch.


There are now a couple more achievements added to the game:

“GG” – Get MVP in Overtime

“Trifecta” – Do the following three things in one game: Score, save, and assist

“Infinite Power!” – Use every power-up in Rumble

“Stopped Cold” – Freeze an opponent shot before they score

“Sea Turtle” – Score a goal while flipped on your back in AquaDome

“Get Up, Mr. Bubbles!” – Use bubbles trail and score an aerial goal in AquaDome

“Rocket Genocider” – Do 535 shots on goal

Several changes and bug fixes are also dealt with in this patch. The details on the technical aspects of the official patch notes are found in Psyonix’s post.


This update is going to be monstrously exciting. Clearly, Psyonix once again wants to keep things fresh and exciting for new and veteran players alike. It’s a fun game and I look forward to playing with everyone.

Until next time!

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