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One Night In Karazhan Cards Revealed

Recently, Hearthstone revealed the last of the cards in the new, upcoming adventure, One Night In Karazhan. We have compiled a gallery (seen above) of each new card for you to look at and decide how good they might be for themselves as the adventure will be here soon and you could see how some of these cards could fit into your current deck. Each class got 3 cards each, pushing them towards different archetypes that can be made with their class in their current state. Along with that, there were 18 cards that are thrown into neutral: 5 Legendaries, 1 Epic, 3 Rares, and 9 Commons.

One of the most interesting cards, in my opinion, features the main man himself, Medivh, who once you play him gives you a weapon token, his staff, Atiesh (which could be considered our first Legendary Weapon?) that summons a random minion based on the mana cost of the spell you just cast and will take away one durability for doing so. Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of interesting and gimmicky cards coming in the expansion but this one stood out to me quite a bit.

One Night In Karazhan is Hearthstone’s Newest Adventure that puts a funky fresh spin on a re-imagining of what Karazhan would have been like when there were people using the great banquet halls and stages of the tower. The whole adventure will be available for purchase on August 11th for $20 USD and if you purchase it in the first week it’s available you’ll also get a nice disco-themed card back.

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