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Osiris: New Dawn - First Impression
Outstanding visualsGreat SoundtrackGreat Multiplayer Crafting system
Time consuming (Grinding)Unclear UI
Art and animation9.5
Osiris: New Dawn was developed by Fenix Fire Entertainment and is available on Steam in Early Access. Released on September 28th, the game was already awarded with Best Indie MMO and Best Survival Game at PAX West 2016.

Osiris: New Dawn

Setting players on a distant planet where they first need to survive after their crash-landing.  This survival game features both single player and multiplayer elements. Players have to build a prosperous colony and defend it from aliens, natural environmental phenomenon and enemy players in online mode. The game has many features such as gathering materials to build structures, research new technologies and grow food. It also has three game modes available: Singleplayer, Co-op and Online. The game is still in early access, but there are also choices of classes that may be available in the game in the future.osiris2

The Great Outdoors and the Art of Grinding

The first thing to strike many players about this game is the impressive visuals. The game is fully in 3D with outstanding views and vibrant colors. Looking up to the sky to see the many planets around gives the player an out-of-this-world feel but just like modern day Earth, there are different weather systems in the game. For example, heavy rain and sandstorms, leaving the player with near to impossible visibility to see very far which is always a nice touch to any game. The effects of the rain hitting the helmet’s visor is interesting without being too distracting. Also, one of the most impressive events in the game, is when meteors randomly fall from the sky. The players really get to experience a whole new world with detailed art and animations.
It being a survival game, Osiris: New Dawn focuses on the objective of gathering materials to build a colony. This can prevent the players from really exploring the planet in the game’s current state. The mine’s locations are scattered around the spawning point at first, making it easy to reach them. After crafting your first base, the amount of materials required to create tools and items suddenly gets really high. Having a droid as your assistant to gather material seems to be the best way to do this faster but it can only gather from one mine at a time. At night, your base can get destroyed by aliens if your defenses are weak. Some structures not only require the materials for their base, but there are more materials needed in order to build walls individually. It feels like most of the time spent in this game is to gather materials around your base more than exploring and fighting. Which is a different take on such a visually stimulating game plus the size of the map is tempting for exploration.

You craft it. You defend it.

The crafting system in Osiris is simple, but effective and enjoyable. After spending a long time gathering the required tools and materials, crafting a structure ends up being pretty easy. Being able to build a unique base per players or within groups is a nice experience. This opens up a familiar mechanic, players can protect and defend their base. Not only from aliens but also natural events and other online players. It adds a great experience to the game and it is an element that many enjoy already. Having no certainty that the buildings are safe makes the whole game more challenging.osiris3

Alien Typography

Even if the game is enjoyable, reading the user interface can be quite difficult. The typography used is rather confusing for the eye when it is small like this. Some elements were already not completely clear (such as the feeding necessities location in the menu), the typography just makes it harder. However, this is a simple fix that the development team may work on before the final release.

Final Thoughts?

Osiris: New Dawn is really enjoyable although it is in early access. It already has plenty of crafting content and threats to the players’ bases. With an integrated multiplayer mode, this survival game can be enjoyed in groups, or alone in single player. However, be prepared to spend a lot of time gathering materials!
Osiris is promising already and deserves its place under the radar. It seems to have plenty of future content that should attract even more people. There are some bugs fixes to be done, but this is expected. It shouldn’t stop people from enjoying the game in its current state. It is a game to follow this year and up to the final release estimated to be in around a year from now. To see some of the gameplay, watch our video review on Elotalk’s YouTube channel!
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