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For National Video Games Day, some of us at EloTalk have put together some of our most influential classic video games. From N64 to Super Nintendo to PC, some of the early video games are what made us the passionate gamers we are today.

the-legend-of-zelda-ocarina-of-time-3dJames: Zelda Ocarina of Time

It was 2002 and I had just moved to a new school. I had met my first friend on the bus and he had invited me over to play a game at his place that his parent just bought for him, Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. I thought to myself that the game sounded lame. Little did I know, it would spark a love for the series that still burns to this day, 14 years later. It started a friendship and a love for an amazing video game series.

gallowstree62Natalie: Tomb Raider Chronicles

As a kid, it was my brother and I, who is 10 years older than me, for the first few years growing up. He made sure I knew how to play video games. My video game obsession started early on. But I experienced all of my favorite games on the PlayStation 1, to be specific, it was as many Tomb Raiders I could play. My favorite was Tomb Raider Chronicles, for some crazy reason I was scared to play this game, the imps in ‘Gallows Tree’ is a memory I’ll never forget. Eventually, when I was old enough to buy a console, it was the PS2 when it first came out. I had a big pretzel jug as my piggy bank where I saved every penny to buy a PS2. When I saved up enough, I took my jug to the supermarket with my Mom and dumped all the change into one of those Coinstar machines and got back just enough cash to buy it! One of my best moments growing up.

: Super Mario 3

From it being the exclusive final game in The Wizard Movie with Ben Savage, this was the best Super Mario of all time. Being a kid at the time and watching a movie about video games was awesome! Although, it makes you wonder who the real wizard was since Haley knew about the magic flute when the game was never played before! I would play SMB 3 for countless hours with my cousins at their house all the time since I never owned a Nintendo myself. My favorite world was always Giant Land because everything was so much bigger. The Super Mario Bros series will always be iconic and timeless.


dig-dugKayla: Dig Dug

I personally enjoy the classic game Dig Dug quite a lot. It originally released in Japan in 1982 and ran on the Namco Galaga hardware. Later it was released outside of Japan by Atari. I first played it when I was about four I think at an arcade I couldn’t remember for the life of me. Regardless, I had a blast playing it and I believe it was a pretty influential game because of how simple yet creative it is. If you find the time to check it out, I would highly recommend it.


gfs_27924_3_15Ian: Legend of Legaia

When I was 8 years old, my most favored possession was a PlayStation demo disk that contained Legend of Legaia. That Christmas, I was delighted to see I had been gifted the full copy. To my dismay however, I found that at a certain point, the game was too difficult for me, and in shame I turned to using my brother’s GameShark. I found that instead of spending my time becoming omnipotent in my games, I instead focused on how it all worked. This interest into hexadecimal math, which the GameShark used, is what sparked my interest into the nitty gritty of computers. I now work in IT, and it’s all because of Legend of Legaia.

: World of Warcraft

12 long years have I devoted myself to this MMORPG. Love it or hate it, World of Warcraft’s influence to the MMO scene has been massive and has changed and defined the legitimization of MMORPG’s. Transgressed through the gameplay and ideas from the infamous Everquest, World of Wacraft has influenced not only me but an entire genre of gaming. What has made this game so influential to me personally? I have made many strong, life long friendships and have been apart of so many engaging and uplifting communities that have taught me plenty of things – even outside the realm of gaming. WoW is a game that perfectly executed the experience while having emphasis on exploring a richly, detailed world intertwined via communication. This kind of communication made me bond with others and it encouraged friendships that transcend beyond the virtual world, making this anthropomorphic element the secret beating heart of Azeroth.

40230-star_fox_64_usa-22Estelle: Starfox 64

Starfox 64 was an arcade-style space adventure for the Nintendo 64, released in 1997, this classic came with many good times and memories to be had. Not only was the gameplay straight up addictive and had me eager to get to the next level, the characters were something to be cherished as well. You had Fox, your fearless leader. Falco, the hotshot. Peppy, the veteran and finally Slippy. Oh Slippy, how you got us all into so much trouble at times. All the paths and secrets the game had to offer were exciting to find, from the warp zones to finding that alternative path in the level that will take you to the road less traveled, the hard path. The name explains essentially what it is, it’s the hard path. Although it didn’t mean much to those around me, trying to find every niche in the levels so I could keep moving up on that glorious red line to the end took up a lot of my youth. It was well worth it as some of the most interesting levels were hidden on path that some never even got to see along with a different boss fight and an appearance from Fox’s father, beating that challenging yet rewarding path was something I was proud of and solidified Starfox 64 as one of my favorite classic games.

eyj1cmwioijodhrwczovl2rpc2nvcmquc3rvcmfnzs5nb29nbgvhcglzlmnvbs9hdhrhy2htzw50cy85oty1nza2mdgznje4nda2nc8ymjq5nzcyodeynjc5mjq5otivsu1hxzayndquslbhin0-fqqv-0kprm8jy5xjdwnhzdsqtbuPeter: EverQuest

I’ve spent a lot of time with Everquest. This game created the foundation of my gaming. I have many fond memories but these two will always stick with me: I remember sitting in the East Commons Trade Tunnel playing high and low (rolling dice to bet if you can roll high or low) with over forty others. Our Host was a bearded dwarf female and everyone was cacking and laughing over in game ale and losing platinum by the thousands. This interaction made me realize Everquest wasn’t just a game but it was a tight knitted community that changed how I interact with real life people and others in video games. My other fond memory was leveling and questing with my mother, we spent many hours togethers adventuring, laughing and bonding while traveling across Norrath together. This is one of the most fondest memory and game has given me. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be binging on MMORPGS today! Thanks Daybreak, 989 and Sony for impacting my life and giving us such an awesome game.

gfs_14052_1_2Michelle: Zelda Ocarina of Time

At around 9 years old, every week I would try my hardest to get good grades in school so I could rent a game that weekend from my local video store. The weekend I picked up OOT  was the first time I was really submerged into another world through a video game and surrounded in this fantastic universe, despite playing Super Mario Brothers and countless other N64 titles. I know that if it wasn’t for OOT, I wouldn’t be as passionate as I am about RPGs and gaming being able to influence and impact people in a positive way. I actually loved OOT so much that a cashier at an EB Games in my hometown convinced me that the gold cartridge version was actually more difficult, which I didn’t discover until I was an adult was false.

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