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Overload – A 6 Degrees of Freedom FPS

Overload, from Revival Productions, is the 6 Degrees of Freedom game that fans of the Descent series need to check out. With fast combat and  great level design, it’s sure to provide hours of enjoyment. After narrowly achieving their Kickstarter campaign, they are full speed ahead on production. If you want, you can check it out on Steam and on their site.

An Old School Feeling

For those who aren’t familiar with Descent, it plays a lot like Quake or Doom, but without gravity and the ability to move up and down freely in a zero gravity environment. As you fly around picking up power-ups and blowing A scene of combat in the game, as the player shoots at an enemy robot.up hordes of robots, nostalgia is sure to kick in. The old school mechanics lead to an extremely intuitive game, not bogged down with tutorials and instructions. Even players new to the genre can pick up a controller and start in without issue.

VR Capable

From the ground up, Overload was built to support VR. The fast paced movement isn’t for everyone though so fear not, it’s not required. If you choose to play with it, the game really sucks you in as you maneuver through the tunnels and tight corridors of each level. With the 6-DoF gameplay, VR does have an honest place within the game instead of feeling gimmicky and added in just for the sake of it.

The player encountering 2 enemies in a cave.


Overload is planned for release in the first half of next year. Upon release, the game will come with 15 levels of single player campaign and multiplayer will be added later. While speaking to the devs at PAX West, they said that multiplayer will be the biggest feature once released. Fingers crossed for more weapons, maps, and enemies for post release so things stay fresh!

A combat scene, with a message stating that a boss enemy was spawning.Final thoughts

Overload is a beautifully simple game, that has a lot of promise. If just feels good to pick up that controller and fly around the map. Instead of loading the game up with more mechanics than you can shake a stick at, the folks over at Revival Productions keep it fresh with just a few new ideas. Next on my list is picking up my own VR headset, so I can experience Overload in all its glory!

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