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Blizzard’s second animated short for Overwatch, “Alive” debuted today. The short focuses on a somewhat political tone, in which we see an Omnic leader speaking to a group of people in London (King’s Row) about peace between Omnic and humans.

“Human, machine – we are all one within the Iris. Before me I see the future, Humans and Omnic standing together. United by compassion, our common hopes and dreams.”

Overwatch - Alive

This ties in to what we already know about the background of Overwatch and the Omnic Crisis – a war between the Omnic and humans.

Overwatch - Alive

Overwatch’s beloved Tracer is seen attending the event when she notices something out of the ordinary, and a fight breaks out between her and Widowmaker, who appears to be attempting to assassinate the peaceful Omnic representative/speaker.

You truly have to watch the short for yourself – but pay close attention to the combat style of both characters. Blizzard has done well to bring our understanding of the heroes and their role in the pivotal story of Overwatch even further, and make us want to learn more about why Widowmaker would be so emotionless and cold about killing a leader. However, we know based on her lore that she’s a living weapon, and she exemplifies this in the short.

“When I was a girl, I had a fear of spiders. I was told they felt no emotion and their hearts never beat. But I know the truth – at the moment of the kill, they are never more alive.” -Widowmaker


Images and story are copyright Blizzard.

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