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“Dragons” retells the legendary story about two brothers, the dragon of the north wind and south wind. Together, they brought balance to the heavens. The two brothers fought over who could rule their realm, until the dragon of the south winds struck down his brother. chrome_2016-05-16_13-39-21

The legend is about Genji and Hanzo, brothers of the Shimada clan. When Genji refused to follow the clan to become leaders with Hanzo upon their father’s death, Hanzo was forced to kill his brother. Shortly after, Hanzo left his clan and rejected his father’s legacy altogether, an outcast full of remorse.

The dragon of the south wind had triumphed, but as time passed he realized his solitude. The sweetness of victory turned to ash.

The animation unfolds in Hanamura on the anniversary of Genji’s death, where we see Hanzo rushing to make an offering in remembrance of his brother at the Shimada’s home. In the shadows, Genji follows him closely.


For years, the bereft dragon’s grief threw the world into discord.



However, when Hanzo senses Genji nearby, he assumes he’s an assassin. Genji tries to explain that he knows Hanzo and that he comes to remember his brother on the same day every year, but Hanzo keeps fighting him.

You risk so much to honor someone you murdered.


I know you tell yourself that your brother disobeyed the clan and that you had to kill him to maintain order – that it was your duty.


It was my duty, and my burden. That does not mean I do not honor him.


You think you honor your brother Genji with incense offerings? Honor resides in one’s actions.

Only the Shimada can control the dragons… Who are you?


Once Genji reveals himself, he urges Hanzo that it’s time to pick sides in the coming times.


Reunited, the two set out to rebuild what they once destroyed.

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