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Whenever the Overwatch team releases a new blog post involving some kind of lore, fans flock and begin to form their own speculations and theories as to what will come from it. Welcome the newest and 24th Overwatch hero, Orisa as she joins the fray.

Orisa is the product of Efi Oladele, who is a prodigy, awarded for her scientific prowess. After Doomfist launched an attack on the Numbanian Airport which destroyed the OR15 Omnic Units, staved off any violence the city might have experienced. Orisa is technically the youngest Overwatch hero, at just one month old, she doesn’t have a historically charged background, like most of the cast does.

Our new hero is a tank and is classified as an “Anchor Tank” specifically by Jeff Kaplan. Like Reinhardt, a tank is the core part of the team and are readily available for each push and fight as the match commences.

Orisa comes packing with a slew of abilities that support this play style:

Fusion DriverHer primary fire is a long range machine gun; slows her movement while firing
FortifyAn ability that lets Orisa take reduced damage and she’s unaffected by crowd control against Mei’s Slow and Freeze effects.
HaltOrisa’s alt-fire ability fires a pulse that acts like Graviton Surge. Once activated, it pulls affected targets towards the center of this surge.
Protective BarrierThis is a throwable barrier, much like Reinhardt’s and Winston’s shields – it only blocks damage from the front.
SuperchargerOrisa deploys a device that increases the damage of her teammates around her. The device can be destroyed, however, stopping the effect early.

Orisa is out on the PTR right now, ready to deflect the Bastion’s from her teammates whilst being a burden to her enemies. Expect to see her on the live servers soon as it usually takes a patch or two. Check out more on Orisa.

I made you to be strong and brave. You still have a lot to learn, and you’ll probably mess up sometimes. But I know you’ll become the hero we need.” -Efi Oladele

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