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Blizzard Entertainment’s wildly popular first-person shooter “Overwatch” begins its Halloween Terror event today! The Halloween Terror event will begin on October 10th and run until November 2nd, replacing all in-game loot boxes with cute, little Halloween-inspired jack-o’-lanterns.

Last year’s event also introduced Overwatch’s first-ever co-op PVE brawl, Junkenstein’s Revenge. The PVE brawl tasked a team of four with defending Alderbrunn castle’s doors (Eichenwalde’s 2nd point) from waves of robots while fending off Halloween versions of Reaper, Roadhog, Mercy, and Junkrat as the evil “Dr. Junkenstein”.

About a week ago, Reddit user Mnemosynaut leaked images of the new Halloween skins for Mei, Symmetra, Reaper and Zenyatta. Blizzard, I must say you did a top-notch job on these skins.

While I’m not sure what Mei is supposed to be, but those cute little fangs make her adorably frightful. But let’s be real right now, Mei is always scary with that creepy smile while freezing you to death, following with an icicle to the skull.

Personally my favorite skin leak so far, it seems Blizzard decided to give a very elegant Deathwing skin to Symmetra. I wonder if they changed her blue beam to a fiery red one?

Another Reaper skin for Halloween, is that suppose to be a ski mask?

Cthulu Zenyatta? TENTACLE OMNIC.

If you missed last year’s event, no worries you’ll still be able to have a chance of getting the older skins. Check out what last year’s halloween skins are here.

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