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Hana Song, AKA “D.Va”

Role: Tank
Health: 400 (in Mech), 150 (no Mech)


D.Va's abilities


Purpose: Playing D.Va can put you in the role as a main tank or offtank. D.Va can be a priority pick for countering a turret-heavy team (with Symmetra, Torbjorns, and Bastions!), blocking Pharah ultimates, or clearing out an objective. If you  have another main tank such as Winston or Reinhardt, you can play D.Va extremely offensively and focus on taking out the enemy healers or snipers.

Playstyle: When playing D.Va, get used to being extremely mobile. Using your Boosters whenever they are off cooldown will make you an extremely annoying enemy. Alternatively, you can stay with the back line of your team and peel for the priority targets with Defense Matrix that are getting flanked by Reaper or Genji.

Priorities:  As D.Va, depending on your team comp and the map, you can go for the damage gold medal or just focus on utility for your team. Some things to keep in mind are:

  • If an enemy Reinhardt ults, use your Boosters to push him or the enemy team away from your allies
  • If you see a Pharah, Soldier 76 or Reaper ult, use your Defense Matrix immediately in their direction!
  • When there is an enemy sniper, Genji, or Pharah/Mercy, use your Boosters to zone them out. Even if you have to jump out of your mech to take them out, your distraction alone can buy your team a huge amount of time if they capitalize on it correctly!
  • You never have to reload, so do as much damage to the squishy targets as possible with your Fusion Cannons!

Ultimate: D.Va’s Self Destruct does a massive amount of AoE damage to enemies. However, they can avoid this completely simply “line of sighting” it. This means that if you can’t see the ultimate, it can’t hurt you. (Sort of how you imagine an actual explosion can be avoided – by walls!) If used right, your ultimate can kill a number of people or just zone the team from capping an objective. Use it wisely because when you jump out, you only have 150HP!

D.Va Ultimate

D.Va’s ultimate is an explosive AoE and if enemies don’t “line of sight” it, they will be annihilated!

All information about Overwatch copyright Blizzard Entertainment. Gameplay tips and interpretations are copyright the writer. Fanart of D.Va is copyright Anna Nikonova.

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