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Jamison Fawkes, AKA “Junkrat”

Role: Damage
Health: 200
Ult Health: 100


A listing of Junkrat's abilities

Purpose: Junkrat does a large amount of damage while being far away from the enemy. Junkrat is a loose cannon so be prepared to spam your Frag Launcher over and over against walls and over objectives in order to kill/apply pressure. When playing Junkrat, you want to be an annoyance to the enemy team, placing Steel Traps around corners and choke points, bouncing enemy tanks around with your Concussion Mines and tearing through shields quickly with your Frag Launcher.

Playstyle: Junkrat can be played offensively or defensively. If you’re looking to go on the offensive with Junkrat you will need to be aware of your surroundings since you will die quickly if caught off guard. When you’re going on the offense use your Concussion Mine (left shift) to jump over obstacles and reach the healers/back line and spam your Frag Launcher at them. If you’re Frag Launcher from a small room, do not forget to place a Steel Trap (E) on one of the choke points of the room. If you trap a hostile enemy use your Frag Launcher to kill them or throw a Concussion Mine at them to kill them. When playing defensively, if the enemy is using the same entrance to come into a room lay a Steel Trap at the entrance and use your Frag Launcher to guard that entrance as much as possible. If you’re defending a payload use your frags to do damage from a safe distance. Your frags do splash damage so fire as many as possible.

Junkrat spamming his Frag Launcher and killing an incoming enemy with his Steel Trap

Priorities: Junkrat’s top priority is to damage the back line. With his Frag Launcher you’re able to deal damage from a far away distance, do not be afraid to spam this to do extra damage or try to guess where the enemy is coming from. Junkrat is able to kamikaze the enemy back line with his Total Mayhem (this drops bombs upon death) so if you’re over extended use this to your advantage.

Ultimate: Junkrat’s Rip-Tire is a sure way to get behind enemy lines and kill their healer/squishy DPS. When you’re about to use this make sure you utilize jump and obstacles (Rip-Tire can climb some walls and jump).  Your Rip-Tire only has 100 health, so it is important to be sneaky with this ultimate or else the enemy will quickly disable it.
 Junkrat about to use his Rip-Tire to kill the enemy
It’s a perfect day for some mayhem.

Playing With a Junkrat

Mercy: As a Junkrat, you will be playing from the back line a lot. With Mercy’s damage amplification your bombs will do an additional +30% more damage. Spam your left click as much as possible when you’re receiving her buff
Reinhardt:  With Reinhardt’s shield, you will be able to move with him and spam your frags, being paired with this tank is a huge advantage for you.

Playing Against a Junkrat

Hanzo/Widowmaker: These snipers will dominate you if you are careless. When you’re playing Junkrat make sure you’re concealed and launching your grenades from a safe distance so you do not get caught.
Winston: Winston’s Jump Pack will provide a challenge to a novice Junkrat. His shield provides him a huge advantage, if you’re having difficulty with him use your concussion mine to avoid him or use your steel trap to trap him and left click him to death.
Pharah: Pharah is a difficult counter, when you’re playing Junkrat make sure you avoid her as much as possible. Her aerial advantage will make your life difficult. If Pharah is camping you, use your concussion mine to knock her out of the sky/kill her while she is using her ult.
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