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Lúcio Correia Dos Santos: AKA “Lúcio”

Role: Support
Health: 200



A listening of Lucios five skills: sound barrier, cross fade, amp it up, sound wave, sonic amplifier and wallride

Purpose: Performer, DJ, and freedom fighter from Brazil; Lúcio specializes in music and sonic technology to damage enemies from afar or give AOE (Area of effect) healing. Lúcio is a welcoming addition to any team as he’s capable of healing, moving his allies quickly around the map, completely negating or dampening the effect of hard-hitting ultimates, and even dealing damage. You will often find Lúcio skating around the front of battle lines, being up front and personal with even the hardest of hitting tanks and damage dealers such as Roadhog and Reaper.

Playstyle: Lúcio is a great medium between Zenyatta and Mercy. His passive healing provided by Crossfade enables him to actively contribute damage to a fight with his Sonic Amplifier while simultaneously healing his allies. His higher health, coupled with the knock back of his Sonic Amplifier’s Sound Wave (R-Click), makes him more survivable than both Zenyatta and Mercy. While Lúcio is the most mobile healer of all supports in Overwatch, which allows him to survive dangerous situations, his weakness lies in his ability to rapidly heal single targets, like Mercy. Lúcio pays for this kind of versatility with a lack of specialization; he’s neither as good at damage dealing as Zenyatta nor as sustainable at healing like Mercy. This kind of mobility and versatility is key to his playstyle as he can utilize a vast amount of the map terrain to not just reach locations in a swift manner, but to escape if needed. Lúcio often weaves in and out of the battle field escaping when needed and letting others take over the fight before actively coming in for cheap shots and kills.


Note: Lúcio can skate on walls. This could be used for a multitude of things such as alternative paths to rush an objective point or to get out of a line of fire from high-threat enemy heroes such as Reaper.

Priorities: Lúcio is first and foremost a support hero because it’s your responsibility to keep your allies healed and moving quickly. Whether you’re playing on a Capture Point, King of the Hill, or Escort Map, you should be switching between your Crossfades constantly for their respective buffs. When leaving the spawn point, you should first wait for others to respawn so you can help them return to the fight quickly with Crossfade: Speed (L-Shift) and switch to Crossfade: Heal (L-Shift) during the midst of battle. Amp it Up (E) and Sound Barrier (Q) are both your greatest pushing utilities and could even be labeled as emergency buttons in your kit. Use these abilities with your team to make a final push with your payload or on objective points.

giphy (2)

Lúcio switching from Crossfade: Speed to Crossfade: Heal to heal an injured Pharah.

Ultimate: Lúcio’s Ultimate, Sound Barrier, casts a massive temporary shield on himself and any allies who are within Crossfade’s range of effect. This shield effectively increases the maximum health of every affected ally and gradually decays over its duration. Sound Barrier is an extremely versatile ultimate that can be used both offensively (such as pushing onto an area) and defensively (when a powerful ultimate is coming into the battle that your team can’t avoid). It is a wise choice to coordinate the use of Sound Barrier in conjunction with other ultimates, such as Pharah’s Barrage or Reaper’s Death Blossom, because they become much deadlier since heroes don’t have to worry about being killed while using their ultimates. Lúcio will not finish casting Sound Barrier while he’s in midair, he will only finish casting it once it hits the ground. If Lúcio is killed before the cast time of Sound Barrier is finished, Sound Barrier will not be activated. Try to think ahead when casting Sound Barrier, preemptively casting it when you suspect your team is about to take heavy damage rather than using it while panicking.

giphy (1)

Lúcio casting Sound Barrier while pushing into the first Objective Point on King’s Row.

Playing Against a Lúcio

Winston:  With Winston’s mobility he is a threat to any support hero. Winston’s Tesla Cannon and high health, combined with his mobility, works very well against Lúcio. As a Lúcio you should be escaping with an Amp’d up Crossfade: Speed to run to other team mates and avoid being killed. Lúcio’s knock back doesn’t really work on Winston as his Jump Pack can send him crashing right onto you in a matter of seconds. Note that Lúcio can use his Sound Barrier to save himself and his whole team from Winston’s Ultimate: Primal Rage, which is one of the hardest counters to it.

Genji: Lúcio’s speed and heal auras work very effectively against Genji’s Shurikens. Speed Aura will make it harder for Genji to aim while his heal auras will heal up any shuriken damage done. Lúcio’s sonic projectiles can be deflected by Genji’s Deflect ability so it’s not very effective because of how slow the projectiles move and the speed Lúcio possesses. Lúcio and his team can easily avoid Genji’s Dragonblade with a Sound Barrier. If Sound Barrier isn’t available then use speed aura with an Amp it up so even the most immobile heroes such as Zenyatta and Symmetra can run to safety.

“Let’s up the tempo!” – Lúcio

Tracer: Dealing with a Tracer is tough. Her fast movement and blinks can be super annoying, so aiming for her is an absolute nightmare. Since Tracer can’t do much damage from afar she relies on being up front and personal with Lúcio to do damage, which leaves her vulnerable to your Sound Blast, so use your heal aura to heal up any damage done by her Pulse Pistols. Tracer’s ultimate, Pulse Bomb can be countered by Sound Barrier due to the 2 second delay for detonation, but you have to be quick about it which leaves only a short window of opportunity. If you get stuck by a Pulse Bomb and your Sound Barrier is down consider yourself dead. Overall the fight is balanced as they will both have trouble taking each other out.

Playing With a Lúcio

Zarya: It is important for Zarya to keep a keen eye on Lúcio (because of his speed) and should always be first priority for Particle Shield. Since he is a support hero, Lúcio will more than likely be focused by the other team first so he’ll need all the help he can get. If your team gets Gravity Surged by Zarya, suspect that ultimates will follow. This is where Lúcio needs to plan for incoming ultimates and use his Sound Barrier if it is up. Because Lúcio is constantly getting focused, your energy should go up pretty fast leaving you to unleash what Anita claims to be “The fury of Mother Russia!” onto the enemy team.

Reaper & Pharah: Since both their ultimates leave them very vulnerable because of the channeling aspects, Lúcio’s Sound Barrier will not only help prevent deaths, but it’ll also stop other enemy heroes from interrupting their ultimates.



Being a person who mains support I love Lúcio and he will always be one of my top picks for both defending and attacking, despite which map we’re on. Lúcio is a great choice for a support hero and is not your “typical” healer. He’s fun to learn the support role with and even those who are “die-hard” DPS fans will get a kick out of playing Lúcio. Even though Blizzard has labeled Lúcio as a 3-star difficulty, I found that he was really easy to learn and is a great beginners choice to Overwatch. He is hard to kill, you’re up in the action, and you can really change the flow of the game due to his Amp it Up and Sound Barrier!

All pictures and information are copyright of Blizzard Entertainment. Gameplay tips and interpretations are copyright of the writer.

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