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Mei-Ling Zhou, AKA “Mei”

Role: DPS
Health: 250


Mei Abilities


Purpose: Mei can work well on either offense or defense. Her role is split between close-range disabling with her Endothermic Blaster left click and long-range sniping of priority targets with her blaster’s right-click. Her strength lies in her utility and ability to withstand damage with her Cryo-Freeze and split up priority targets or shield allies from AOE damage with her Ice Wall.

Playstyle: Mei requires cooperation from the whole team, especially if you want to utilize Blizzard to its maximum efficiency. While playing Mei, you have that “backup” method of Cryo-Freeze if you’re ever in a dangerous situation. Primarily focus on freezing priority targets such as healers or squishy DPS with your left-click Endothermic Blaster, then hovering over them and headshotting them with your right-click. This can kill most priority targets immediately, and significantly damage high-health enemies.

Mei’s left click Endothermic Blaster followed up by a right click to the head!

Priorities:  As Mei, focus on slowing down and disabling their priority targets like Lucio, Tracer, McCree, or anyone else is a high threat to your team. Mei’s ultimate can turn around a game significantly, especially if synchronized correctly with other people such as Reaper, Zarya, etc. But more on that later!

Ultimate: Mei’s ultimate, Blizzard, launches a large AOE circle in front of her that slows and over time freezes your enemies. The longer they stand in your ultimate, the higher the chance of freezing them (this is the same as your left-click on Endothermic Blaster). Mei’s ultimate can be used best when an enemy team is seizing the point as a group or a Genji ultimates. Its ability to disable the enemies completely to a frozen state allows a perfect setup to AOE damage ultimates such as Reaper’s Death Blossom and D.Va’s Self Destruct.

Reinhardt capitalizes on Mei’s Blizzard, grabbing them a triple kill.

Playing With a Mei

D.Va: D.Va’s Self Destruct is a great choice when you notice the enemy team is frozen from Mei’s ultimate.

Reaper: Reaper’s AOE ultimate Death Blossom works great when an enemy team is frozen. Any AOE ability really works great with Mei.

All information about Overwatch copyright Blizzard Entertainment. Gameplay tips and interpretations are copyright the writer.

Playing Against a Mei

Tracer: Although Mei can be strong against some Tracer players, a good Tracer will be able to kill Mei with ease by keeping her on her toes. Also, if Tracer times her ultimate correctly, it can kill Mei immediately as she’s exiting her Cryo-Freeze.

Reinhardt: Of all the tanks, I think Reinhardt is particularly good against Mei since he cannot be sniped. Also, Mei’s disables don’t work if Reinhardt pins her.

Pharah: Since Pharah spends most of her time in the air, it’s difficult for Mei to freeze her with her ultimate or left-click. However, when Pharah ultimates, it only takes two or three right-clicks with Mei to end her.

Zarya: Zarya’s shield can protect her allies from getting frozen or sniped by Mei. If Mei is ulting an enemy and they become shielded from Zarya, it cancels the freeze and allows them to walk out of her ultimate safely.

All information about Overwatch copyright Blizzard Entertainment. Gameplay tips and interpretations are copyright the writer.

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