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Angela Ziegler, AKA “Mercy”

Role: Support
Health: 200


A list of Mercy's abilities


Purpose: Mercy is a dedicated healer, with her main utilities being her ultimate skill, Resurrect, her alternate ability using her Staff, which greatly boosts a targeted team members’ damage, and her channeling heal. She also can alternate to a Blaster pistol, which can protect her in an offensive manner if she’s caught in a situation where she needs to defend herself.

Mercy - Guardian Angel

Playstyle: Mercy has two weapons: Caduceus Staff and Caduceus Blaster. Most of the time as you’re playing Mercy, you will be using your Staff’s healing ability to follow team members around and heal them. Guardian Angel allows Mercy to fly to a nearby ally member, then utilizing Angelic Descent (space bar while falling) to slowly fall to her location. The short cooldown on Guardian Angel allows Mercy to remain very mobile, which is useful as she is an extremely high priority target for the enemy team. A skilled Mercy will utilize her Guardian Angel/Angelic Descent to keep the enemy team on their toes, chasing her and wasting time trying to kill her while her teammates do significant damage with her damage boost and retain health with her heal.

“I will go where I am most needed.” -Mercy

Priorities: Your number one priority as a healer with extremely high utility that can turn around games is staying alive. This means knowing how to remain out of harms way when a fight breaks out, and communicating with your team members when you see an enemy approaching or focusing you. Typically, when a fight breaks out and I’m finding that I’m being focused, I immediately tell my team members who to focus or ask someone who is on a higher platform or flying (such as Pharah) to get in my line of sight so I can use Guardian Angel to fly to them, remaining safe. Communication is of necessity if you want to provide the highest utility to your team members. This means that team members need to also communicate with you and respond to your call-outs.

Mercy - Resurrect

Ultimate: As soon as your ultimate ability, Resurrect, is ready, you should notify your team members by pressing “Z” – this will post in team chat that it’s fully charged. The range on her ultimate is quite limited, which means you need to be very close to your ally team members to resurrect them. Keeping this in mind, depending on the game (whether it be attacking, defending or moving a payload) you should remain out of harms way and as safe as possible when your ultimate is ready. However, it’s important to pay close attention to the placement of enemy members as well as team members so you can utilize your Resurrect when it’s most needed – while capping a point, while an enemy team is capping the point, or after a large AOE goes off and kills multiple team members. That being said, for example if a Reaper uses his ultimate and destroys a few team members, it is ideal to get into range and Resurrect all of them (up to 4 players).

Mercy - Blaster

Playing Against a Mercy

As someone who mains Mercy and therefore dies quite frequently, I have some insight on when I feel the most shut down by the enemy team.

Focus Her. Killing her is easier said than done — a good Mercy will know how to bait you and outsmart you. She will have you chasing her and putting yourself in the arms of danger to kill her. Of course if you’re playing a Sniper or Junkrat, you can kill her easily from a distance if you’re paying attention to which teammate she’s following the most or simply focusing her in a team fight.

Mercy - Play

Can’t catch me!

Zone Her. If you are unable to kill her quickly, you will have to settle for zoning her out of the fight. Whether that be Mei placing an ice wall between her and team members or simply knocking her out of the fight with Winston’s Primal Rage, if you separate her from her team members, she’s quite useless. Since she can’t heal others while using her Blaster, if you catch a Mercy alone, she’s extremely vulnerable.

Mercy is a great pick as a beginner to Overwatch due to her simple skill kit. I suggest picking her up if you want to have the power to completely turn games around and make huge plays with your Resurrect and heal, but be prepared to get focused by the enemy team!

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