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Fareeha Amari, AKA “Pharah”

Role: DPS
Health: 200

Pharah's Skills


Purpose: Pharah’s primary duty on your team is to eliminate targets that aren’t as accessible for people at ground level.

Playstyle: One major perk Pharah has is her adaptability, she can play extremely aggressive or keep her distance and dispose of enemies from a safe distance.  The best route to playing Pharah is keeping pace with your team.  If you go too far away from them, you’re making yourself too vulnerable.  Pharah is one of the most influential damage dealers in the game. Keep in mind that you’re the team’s primary source of damage not just against single targets but also larger group of people with her AOE (Area Of Effect) damage, Barrage.

Priorities: When playing Pharah it’s extremely important to prioritize dangerous targets,  If you’re not killing the right people on the opposing team, making progress towards objectives can be extremely difficult. The highest priority targets are the enemy offense and support style heroes.  There are some supports you should really keep an eye on as Pharah, such as Mercy and Zenyatta.  If the enemy team loses their healer(s), they will have to fall back or lose the objective much faster. Bastion and Torbjorn are also very big priorities for you since your rockets do significant damage to them as well as splash damage to anything near them.

Ultimate: Pharah’s ultimate, Barrage, can be one of the deciding factors of whether you win or lose your games.  It has the ability to completely put the odds back into your favor. When using her ult it’s extremely important to have a good sense awareness.  If you initially thrust yourself into the air and there are no distractions, you’re an extremely easy target to your enemies.

The best situations to use Barrage is when the opposing team is disoriented by whats happening or an ally uses an ultimate that compliments yours. A great example is Zarya’s “Graviton Surge” because it brings an enemy team into a fixed position you don’t have to work as hard killing specific targets. If you’re playing with less coordinated teams it’s definitely a safer route to come out of positions they aren’t expecting. Avoid ulting in front of the enemy within plain sight, as you’ll quickly be targetted and eliminated.

Pharah POTG

Playing Against a Pharah

Snipers (Widowmaker/Hanzo): Since Pharah is primarily in the air, Snipers can snipe her while she’s extremely mobile, shutting her down in one shot.

McCree: His long range makes him able to target and shoot down a Pharah easily.

Soldier: His Ultimate and ability to shoot projectiles in the air without them falling makes it easy for him to focus a mid-air Pharah.

D.Va: Her shield (E) blocks all incoming projectiles and can nullify a Pharah ultimate & rockets.

Playing With a Pharah

Mercy: Mercy can fly around and support her Pharah, giving her a damage boost and keeping her healed when necessary. They are a combination to be reckoned with.

Zenyatta: Since Zenyatta’s Orb of Harmony stays on a target within his line of sight, Pharah can benefit from this and stay near Zenyatta by remaining in the air.

Zarya: Zarya’s ultimate perfectly sets up Pharah’s ultimate. Their combination can completely wipe an enemy team.

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