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Gabriel Reyesm, AKA “Reaper”

Role: Damage
Health: 250


A list of Reaper's abilities

Purpose: Reaper is an offensive damage dealer who is especially strong versus tanks and high health targets. While using his dual sawed off shotguns you will be burning through the front line and allowing your team to get to the back or you will find yourself dropping a Death Blossom from up above. If Reaper is stuck in a sticky situation you will be able to get away with Wraith Form.

Playstyle: Reaper is a short ranged damage dealer, relying on his Wraith Form to annoy and distract the enemy team when not dealing massive damage to the front or back lines. If the opposing team’s front line is phasing you out, you will find yourself using Shadow Step to teleport behind the enemy team or on a higher ledge to allow you to sneak behind the back line to destroy the healer(s) and squishies. Reaper is an incredibly agile damage dealer so use this to your advantage. After killing an enemy, a Soul Globe will drop, which will heal you. Make sure to pick those up in a team fight to keep yourself alive longer.

Priorities: Your main priority is to deal damage. Do not be afraid of the enemy tank(s), because your dual sawed-off shotguns will be able to tear through their shields and massive health quickly. If their healers are providing too much sustain for you to even take out the tanks, focus them first. If you want to guarantee a complete team kill, take out an enemy Mercy as soon as possible. If you’re having trouble accessing the back line due to shields or a protective team, make sure you take note of your environment and see if there is a way you can utilize Shadow Step.

Ultimate: Death Blossom is your bread and butter. This ultimate does 600 damage, has a duration of 6 seconds and hits multiple targets. This makes it one of the highest damage AOEs in the game. Spamming your Jump while ulting on a flat surface makes you even harder to kill, since you are not invulnerable while casting it and you can be interrupted by things such as McCree’s Stun or Reinhardt’s pin. This ultimate pairs great with Zarya’s ultimate and Mei’s ultimate. If you’re sloppy while using Death Blossom you will be punished greatly and quickly focused – always remember to analyze your environment before you use it!

Playing With a Reaper

Zenyatta: These two synergize well. If Zenyatta gives you an Orb of Harmony, you will be a much more difficult target to kill and allow you to feel safer while casting Death Blossom on the back line. If you’re in a team fight and both you both use your ultimates, you’re an unstoppable machine.
Mercy: It is not often you will have a Mercy on you, but if you have the chance to be powered up by a Mercy you will cause havoc. Your shotguns and Death Blossom will +30% more damage and lets be honest, who doesn’t want to do more damage? This can be ideal versus tanks like D.Va and Roadhog who do not have shields.

Playing Against a Reaper

Hanzo/Widowmaker: These two champions will dominate you due to distance and massive damage to non-tank targets. If you’re against these two try to stay away from open environments and flank them as much as possible. Your Shadow Step also gives you the ability to flank snipers quickly.
Road Hog: Road Hog is a strong tank to go against Reaper. If you are playing against a Road Hog avoid his hook and his ultimate, both of these will zone you out.
McCree: When you’re matched up against McCree it will be an even fight until you attempt use Death Blossom against him, his flash bang will interrupt your ultimate.
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