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Torbjörn Lindholm, AKA “Torbjörn”

Role: Defense
Health: 200


a listing of Torbjorn's skills

Purpose: Torbjörn is a unique hero in Overwatch. His purpose is to provide his team armor, protect his support with his turret and use his killing power to take out over extended damage characters and burn down tanks.

Playstyle: Torbjörn’s playstyle tends to be a little slower than most heroes in Overwatch. You should stay relatively close to your turret to heal it when it gets low HP. However, do not let the turret control your placement!  Find a stealthy spot to hide your turret, upgrade it to level 2, and go out on a killing adventure! Torbjörn’s Rivet Gun is extremely strong against squishy heroes. You can right click (flak shot) and pierce through enemy shields quickly or one shot the annoying Tracer if you’re in close enough range. If you are nearing death, pop your Molten Core and go into hyper attack and defense mode – you and your turret will gain additional armor and attack speed.

Priorities: When playing Torbjörn, the key is to find the best spot to place your turret. The key to this is finding somewhere with maximum line of sight on your enemies, while being a great distance away from them to remain safe. After you’ve found the ideal placement, upgrade the turret to level 2 immediately. Now you should focus on harassing, giving out shields, and protecting your turret. When it comes to harassing, you can get behind the enemy tank(s) and right click (this does a flak cannon effect) which peels through them. If there is a Mercy hiding in the back line, shoot her with the Rivet Gun (she will only take two to three shots to kill).

After you & your team have successfully killed the incoming threats, you will notice scraps on the floor. Collect these as safely as possible and use your Armor Pack. Doing this will provide your  teammates +75 armor (this does not stack with Symmetra armor, it will override it – as of patch 6, 2016) .

Protecting your turret may seem like a mundane task but it is the key to playing an efficient Torbjörn! You will occasionally need to run over to your turret and smack it with your forge hammer a couple times, snipe away Tracers or D.VAs that attempt to destroy it or when it’s under heavy fire pop your Molten Core to keep it alive and destroy everything nearby it. Just remember that you don’t need to hit it unless it’s taking damage or low HP – and please make sure you are still moving about and participating in kills, not just AFK turret bashing during team fights even if it’s taking no damage!

Torb hitting his turret with his crowbar to upgrade it to level 2

Ultimate: Molten Core allows Torbjörn to become a wrecking ball. His attack speed increases, he gains additional armor and his turret upgrades to level 3. This will save your life or allow you to go on a huge killing spree. You should use Molten Core when you are about to die or when you need to extra fire power to kill an annoying Tracer or tank. Molten Core is my personal favorite ultimate in the game.
Torbjorn firing his gun and his turret (this is his non-ultimated form)

Non-ulted form of Torbjörn


Torbjorn uses his ult and both him and his turret fire quickly and gain additional armor.

Ulted form of Torbjörn

Playing With a Torbjörn

 Winston & Reinhardt: I love having either ones of these two tanks on my team. If either of these tanks focuses on shielding your turret during teamfights or at a certain chokepoint, be sure to treat them with plenty of armor and tons of thanks!
Bastion: Two turrets are better than one..What an annoying team to go against!
Torbjörn: I said it with Bastion, but have you ever had to go against multiple Torbjörn turrets? If not, when you’re on defense.. try it!

Playing Against a Torbjörn

Reaper: When you’re just starting out playing Torbjörn you will find that Reaper will be a huge hassle, his shotguns will tear through you and your turret quickly. Even if you pop ultimate you will still have to be careful of his shotguns.
Junk Rat & Pharah: Pharahs rockets and Junkrat’s frags can kill your Turret quickly if you do not protect it or have shields covering it. When you’re matched up against these two do not be afraid to use your ultimate to kill these as soon as possible while protecting your turret.
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