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Tekhartha Zenyatta, AKA “Zenyatta”

Role: Support
Health: 50
Shield: 100


zenyatta abilities

Purpose: Zenyatta is an offensive support hero that can pump out healing for his allies with his Orb of Harmony while dealing out his fair share of pain to enemies with his Orbs of Destruction and Discord. Additionally, Zenyatta can temporarily become invulnerable while healing nearby allies with his Ultimate ability, Transcendence, which also heals his nearby allies.

Zenyatta POTG

It’s not uncommon to get Play of the Game with Zenyatta due to his high damage output and ability to poke from a safe distance

Playstyle: The range of Zenyatta’s orbs, 40m for Harmony and Discord and unlimited for Destruction, and his relative fragility make him ideal to play from the backlines. He’s not a very mobile character and his kit lacks any movement abilities, so a Zenyatta player must constantly be aware of his surroundings and should always be close to his teammates. Zenyatta needs to stay alive to be effective as his buffs/debuffs will last until he or his targets die. Zenyatta is able to dish out a lot of damage in a short amount of time. His Orbs of Destruction each hit for 45 damage and an alternate shotgun like charge can shoot 5 at once for 35 damage each. This is ideal for taking out enemies coming around corners or out of cover.

Priorities: Main priorities of a Zenyatta player should be keeping an Orb of Harmony on an ally at all times and an Orb of Discord at all times. An enemy marked with an Orb of Discord will take 50% more damage and will be visible through walls, cars, or any other obstructions, which is invaluable in securing a kill. These should be put on valuable targets like tanks or a DPS that is wrecking your front line so they’re easier to take out. Orbs of Harmony will heal 25 health per second and should be placed on teammates as needed, whether it’s a tank on a payload or control point on the frontlines or another ally skirmishing with flankers.

Ultimate: Zenyatta’s Ultimate, Transcendence is a 6 second channeled ability that heals allies inside it’s radius for 100 health per second while Zenyatta will be invulnerable throughout the duration of the ability. Using this at the proper time is key to surviving scary situations whether your team is caught in a Graviton Surge from Zarya or taken by surprise by Roadhog’s Whole Hog Ultimate, Transcendence will help you and your team in a pinch.


Playing With a Zenyatta

Reaper: Zenyatta and Reaper synergize well together whether it’s tossing an Orb of Harmony on him and letting him go off solo or syncing up Death Blossom and Transcendence for a nice ultimate combo.
Roadhog: Due to his high health, Roadhog can often get the full benefit of an Orb of Harmony and Transcendence’s healing powers.
Tracer: Tracer’s rate of fire coupled with an Orb of Discord dishes out big damage very fast. An especially good combo against tanks.
Genji: Like Reaper, Genji does great at dueling other people due to his reflective damage and high output of damage and mobility. Throwing an Orb of Harmony on a Genji and letting him run wild to fight the enemy back line is extremely tough to counter and could roll your team to victory!

Zenyatta's ultimate, Transcendence

Zenyatta’s ultimate, Transcendence

Playing Against a Zenyatta

Widomaker/Hanzo: Both of these heroes can one-shot Zenyatta with a body shot with relative ease.
McCree/Soldier 76: Both heroes have a high damage output, easily enough to put down Zenyatta in a very short time.
Junkrat: His RIP-Tire ultimate and passive damage can one-shot Zenyatta and out-damage his healing.




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