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Overwatch has officially announced Brigitte will be hero No. 27 for the game. After much speculation among fans, Brigitte had already made her appearance in previous bits of lore like comics, and she even appeared in the “Honor and Glory” animated short.

Armed with a rocket flail weapon and her own shield, she will enter the fray as an up-close-and-personal support character who is all about controlling space while providing assistance for her allies.

Hero Kit

Brigitte’s playstyle revolves around getting into her enemies’ faces, constantly whirling her flail around to wreak havoc. In addition, she can also heal and provide armor to her allies to tip any fight in their favor.

Brigitte’s melee weapon has an extended range, enabling her to strike multiple enemies with a single swing.

Brigitte throws a Repair Pack that can heal an ally. Any healing over that ally’s maximum health provides them with armor instead.

Brigitte throws her flail a long distance, dealing damage and knocking an enemy away from her.

Brigitte deploys a frontal energy barrier to absorb a limited amount of damage.

Once her Barrier Shield is deployed, Brigitte can dash forward to stun an enemy.

Brigitte moves faster and provides all nearby allies with armor that lasts until it’s removed by damage.

Entering the Fray Soon

This hero should make her way onto the official roster relatively soon. To learn more about her, check out this link.

See you out there, fellow heroes!

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