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The Overwatch Public Test Realm (PTR) has launched for those who want to test upcoming changes to the game before they go Live. To play, you need to have a valid Overwatch license in good standings (sorry those who got caught in the great ban wave of 2016) and select PTR: Overwatch from the Region/Account drop-down menu and install the client. Keep in mind the PTR is only available on PC and has a cap of 10,000 concurrent players.


Currently on the PTR, Competitive Play is up, along with some general bugfixes, and a new “Weapons” tab in the hero gallery. We’ll also be saying good-bye to the Prefer/Avoid Player options but may have been moved to the the social options that have now been added to the hero selection and end of match screens. This means that you might have to say good-bye to your collection of first-pick insta-lock Widowmakers. Speaking of Widowmaker, her ultimate is now heard globally in the PTR, so now you won’t be wondering why you were headshot the moment you went around a corner.

A bunch of golden items were also released on the PTR for what will be Competitive Play rewards. No further information has been verified regarding what level players will have to be to attain the golden weapons.

For complete images of golden weapons, go here.

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