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Overwatch has been taking over the gaming realm since it’s release, and recent patches have brought in some exciting changes such as competitive mode (despites its bumps in the road). The newest patch brings quite a few changes including a new support, Ana.

You can read the details of the patch notes here, or grab our outline of important things below! These changes are currently live in the Public Test Realm (PTR).

Overwatch Ana Support Sniper

Ana, the newest hero, is also Pharah’s mother.

General Play

There are a few notable changes to the overall gameplay including changes to Overtime play. Overtime now has an increased timer drain after 20 seconds as well as increased spawn timers (2 seconds).

Competitive Mode received a major update to prevent hero stacking – now, each team will only be allowed one of each hero in a match to prevent team compositions from going for “shock/speed” tactics that are difficult to counter, an increasingly prevalent issue in Competitive Mode.

A few user interface changes are coming as well including the ability to change mouse sensitivity to a larger degree and the ability to turn off various notifications.

Hero Balance

There was an overall change to self-healing abilities – now self-healing abilities will charge the hero’s ultimate ability. Due to this, some hero’s ultimate costs have been adjusted accordingly. These heroes include:

  • Bastion – 10%
  • Lucio – 10%
  • Roadhog – 45%
  • Soldier 76 – 10%


D.Va Overwatch

D.Va is receiving a suite of changes, specifically targeted towards increasing her viability in general play. Her Defense Matrix cooldown has been reduced to 1 second and a resource meter has been added. This meter depletes while it is active and then recharges when not in use, changing the use drastically. A full charge of the Defense Matrix will take 10 seconds (equivalent to the original cooldown) and will last for 4 seconds at full charge. Most importantly is that the ability has been bound to the right mouse button by default and will last as long as it’s held down. Further, D.Va’s ultimate is receiving a 15% decreased cost, lower fuse delay and no longer damages the player who launches it (allowing a better escape plan). Blizzard is aiming to make D.Va a more standard pick in various gameplay situations.


Mercy is also receiving a balance update – her damage boost ability now increases output by 50% and no longer stacks with other bonuses provided by another hero. Her ultimate ability, Resurrect, had its cost increased by 30% and no longer requires Mercy to stand still while activating it, giving her increased mobility and a decreased chance of dying during activation. Further assisting this is allowing her Guardian Angel to reset instantly upon the use of her ultimate.

Zenyatta is getting a slight balance shift by increasing his base shields by  50 (setting his base to 50 health/150 shield) along with increasing the projectile speed of both the Orb of Discord and Orb of Harmony by 4 times the original speed. Transcendence’s movement speed is now doubled when used and the healing increased to 300 per second. These changes will allow Zenyatta to go toe-to-toe with more heroes and survive as well as make more instant-action plays in the heat of the moment and less passive play.

There are also a few bug fixes being applied – the most notable is a collection of character collision issues and general collision issues across various maps.

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