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As Season 1 comes to a close and we head into our first off-season, Blizzard and the Overwatch Team took some time to listen to some feedback and implement it into changes for Season 2.

Summer Season 1 is setting sail

Summer Season 1 is setting sail

First off, the skill rating has been changed from 1-100 to 1-5000 and will go up and down based on games won or lost. There is also now a tier system in place. Think League of Legends with the Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc. You’ll be placed in these tiers based on your Skill Rating and you can’t drop a tier during a season (unless you’re in the top two tiers), so once you’re in Gold, you’re staying there unless you promote. End of season rewards are also going to be based on these tiers, so try as hard as you can to climb.

Competitive points, the currency you would use to buy Golden Weapon skins are now being rewarded at ten times the rate they previously were. But don’t let that fool you into thinking your golden gun got easier to get because the price is also going up ten times.

Coin Toss and Sudden Death are gone. Donezo. Kaput. Blizzard and the Overwatch team heard the outcries about the “tiebreaker” mechanic and instead of changing it up, they did away with it. Which also means that ties are now a thing, but are supposed to be really rare. Ties will reward competitive points as well but not as much as a win. The time bank system that is on two capture point maps is also coming to the payload/hybrid maps and in two capture point maps capping point A in overtime will reward another 30 seconds to try and get to point B instead of ending the game. The minimum time you get for another push has been pushed down to one minute instead of two. If everything is all tied up, each team will get 1 minute of bonus time to try and cap all the points.

With the new skill rating also comes new rules for playing with friends and the introduction of a skill decay. If you want to play with friends, you have to be with in 500 skill rating of them. So if you’re rank 1300 you won’t be able to play with your 2000 friends. Along with that a skill decay has been attached to anybody Diamond and over (Diamond, Master, Grand Master) with a floor of the very bottom of Diamond. If you do not do any ranked games for 7 days on your Diamond+ account, you will start losing 50 skill point every 24 hours. Along with this, to help combat smurfing and imbalance on the ladder, you will be required to have 50 wins in a season to even be considered for the top 500 leaderboards.

These are all the changes that are coming to Overwatch’s Fall Season which starts sometime in September. Along with these changes, you can expect to see a new map in your ladder matches. See you on the ladder, agents!

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