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One of the least played characters and situational characters, Symmetra will be redesigned from top to bottom. Overwatch Game Developer, Jeff Kaplan shared the updates in a new “Developer Update” video on the PlayOverwatch YouTube Channel. The news was announced today, Kaplan fills us in on the reasons for Symmetra’s redesign including everything from two Ultimates and other “quality of life” improvements.

We’ll cut to the chase, Symmetra’s redesign is a result of being the least playable character. Players either love Symmetra or used her in certain situations then switch to another character mid-match.

Symmetra’s redesign will entail all of the following:

Quality of Life

Essentially, Blizzard has listened to the months of feedback about Symmetra – her initial set up will change and according to their internal testers, Symmetra will be a lot more fun! The changes she will be received in the Public Test Region (PTR) and will focus on less cooldowns and less panic.

Ultimate Ability changes

Symmetra will be the first character to have two choices for her Ultimate. These Ultimates will be available at all times in the match (starting at 0%) just as a normal Ult is but once the charge reaches 100% after the usual damage over time during a match. The first Ultimate is her Teleporter (6 charges and works the same as before) but now players can toggle “Q” again to use the new Shield Generator, this shield will be more powerful and larger in radius. This means Symmetra can hide the Shield Generator some where throughout a map which adds another interesting dynamic of defending the Shield to the opposing team. The Shield Generator Ultimate also ignores line of site, has more health and will regenerate over time.


Photon Barrier (NEW Ability)

Blizzard was well aware of Symmetra’s shields so where are they going? Her Shield ability is replaced with a new ability Photon Barrier. This is similar to Reinhardt’s shield OR Winston’s barrier but instead Symmetra’s will release somewhat like a slowly exploding bomb or as Kaplan says in the video, “on track and moves along a trajectory”. So this is beneficial for the team if they are out of reach and is strong enough to use to protect her “nest”. This new ability will definitely mix gameplay up and allows players to get creative.

Sentry Turret Changes

Minor tweaks were made to Sentry Turrets, so as before Symmetra had a total of 6 but only able to stock up to 3 and wait for cooldown. During set up, Sentry Turret maximum will now be 6 Turrets stocked in one shot and with a quicker cooldown of 10 seconds as opposed to 12 seconds. Perfect for capturing and defending a point or during the payload escort OR at a hostile choke point.

Weapons: Primary & Secondary Fire Changes

Symmetra’s weapons will not change dramatically but her primary weapon has slightly changed, the beam will have a slightly further range, that’s it.

All changes are coming soon to the PTR (no date as of yet). Personally, I’ve played Symmetra here and there, maybe four times total. It’s not that the hero isn’t fun, it’s that I didn’t know how to play her and never wanted or cared to learn. There was very little that kept me interested in her play-style but now that she will be receiving a redesign, her updates may be exactly what I and other players are looking for.

Other Updates:

Oasis (New map)
This new map was mentioned at Blizzcon and is comparable to Lijang, Nepal, and IIlios but we can expect to see the map live some time after Symmetra’s live release. Oasis will be live to everyone in early in 2017, this isn’t too far away from us as we enter December in the next week.

“Stay With Group” Social Feature

This is pretty cool, “Stay With Group” is a new social feature that may appear in PTR but we’ll keep an eye on it. It will be a button that appears at the stats screen after a match which allows you to stay with the awesome group you’ve never met before, make new friends or enemies depending on how well you work together. Make more friends with the “Stay With Group” feature coming soon.

Thank You Blizzard

We love that Blizzard cares and oversees heroes and character development such as Symmetra. They’ve made it clear that she will no longer be a situational character but yet a powerful hero. Hopefully we all feel the same! Read our Overwatch Hero Spotlight on Symmetra here.

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