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 The wait is over as Blizzard announced today their newest Overwatch Character – Ana, the support sniper.

Ana’s arsenal contains a collection of versatile weaponry that work in multiple ways:

Biotic Rifle: A versatile sniper rifle capable of damaging enemy players over time or heal friendlies at a distance – equipped with a scope healing can be short or long range as necessary. Given the damage over time method of action, close combat will not be her specialty.

Biotic Grenade: Another multi-purpose weapon, the Biotic Grenade can heal allies in a relatively small area or prevent enemies from being healed for a short time. Biotic Grenade can be thrown from a medium range.

Sleep Dart: Ana is capable of firing a dart from her sidearm that renders any enemy unconscious for a short time – however, any damage will cause them to wake up. This seems to be an extremely useful item for stopping many dangerous ultimate attacks (like McCree’s High Noon seen in the trailer).

Nano Boost: This temporarily gives an ally a strength boost, useful for storming points and getting those boosted kills in a pinch.

Overwatch Ana Support Sniper

Ana the new support sniper in action

Strategy wise it seems Ana will fill an interesting role of providing ranged healing coupled with crowd-control effects through the sleep dart and heal-denying. This will most likely align well with highly mobile teams that typically would have brought Mercy along as a standard healer but found themselves lacking the damage.

Ana’s biggest weaknesses lie in her lack of close-combat damage and mobility – other snipers like Widowmaker and Hanzo have given mobility to make maneuvering easier (both in escape and finding sniping positions). It seems Ana will require decent team protection or a healthy dose of stealth to keep her alive.

No word on when Ana is scheduled to release however, Blizzard also revealed Ana’s interesting story – you can see the preview here.

What are your thoughts on the newest addition to the Overwatch family? Are you psyched to see a ranged healer or think her play-style can be matched by other characters?


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