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Following the success of Shadow’s Eve, Epic Games announced the winter event for Paragon featuring new skins, emotes, and more – Winterfest!


Winterfest will follow the same skin release pattern as Shadow’s Eve, with skins being released on rotation. Some skins will be available on the first week of the event, then locked away while the alternate set is released the following week. The Ugly Sweater Gadget and Jingle Bombs Iggy and Scorch skins will be released during the first week. The second week features Peppermint Kallari and Yuletide Feng Mao, with the Old Saint Rik Riktor tier 2 skin available through both weeks.screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-16-47-43



V34.3 has a short list of updates due to Winterfest beginning. There are a few cosmetic updates, such as the addition of the Aegis Steel skin. With the new update comes new weekly cards purchasable for 15,000 reputation from the in-game shop. This week, the pack features Solaris Reactor – a card useful for energy damage heroes, boosting both damage output and mana regeneration. Due to mana regeneration being a weak stat choice compared to flat mana increase, this card is not often picked as better alternatives such as Meltdown and Amp Crystal perform better for energy heroesThe next card is more unusual than most: Reaper’s Key, providing energy damage and critical hit chance. Since none of the support heroes are of the Corruption affinity, they can’t use this to support teammates, and no jungle heroes deal energy damage. While an oddball choice, this could potentially prove useful for energy damage solo heroes, such as Iggy and Scorch. Last but not least, Merciless provides a boost to attack speed and critical chance, and has a unique passive that provides the user a 9% critical chance increase against bleeding targets. Again, due to critical chance and critical damage being slightly less favored stats in the current meta game, this card may not see the most use, but with the reworks coming with the Monolith update, anything could happen to the more obscure cards.paragon-blog-v34-3-release-notes-skin_steel_aegis-1920x1080-e87d6ba65623b216496a01405b15a48ed52a2b61

Twitch / Youtube Prizes

There are prizes available to players who link their Twitch accounts to Paragon, and will have a chance to win when they watch Paragon on Twitch or stream their own games! As an added bonus, many Paragon Youtubers have Winterfest codes that can be redeemed for in-game loot.

Paragon is a 3rd person MOBA from Epic Games, to try it, go to the website and download for free!

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