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During Paris Games Week, developer Quantic Dream released a new trailer for Detroit: Become Human. It’s a near future noir narrative thriller that deals with humans and robots together. This allows a fresh take on the possibilities society may face in the future.

A Robot May Not Injure a Human Being

Developer Quantic Dream sets the stage in the year 2038 where humans and robots coexist and with a high unemployment rate. In the seemingly harmless new launch trailer, robot Kara must carry out household chores while also watching a girl named Alice. Todd, the father of Alice and the one who hires Kara, becomes violent after Kara meddles in Todd’s affairs. He isn’t happy about it.

In Detroit: Become Human, players get to direct the story by choosing different options which will affect the outcome. It’s obvious that something sinister is afoot, and it’s up to the player to determine the overall story arc.

A Robot Must Obey Orders Given by Human Beings

Throughout the trailer, it’s clear that human emotions fuel robot decisions that are the focal point for the story. In this game, the robots both look and act like humans, enough that Quantic Dream hired actors to make the robots seem human (shown in the video below). That said, players are able to play three different characters in Detroit: Become Human, each with a unique take on the world.

  • Kara is a deviant who escaped the facility that makes robots. She must come to terms with her decision to escape and to live among humans.
  • Connor specializes in tracking down deviants. He is a detective with excellent analytical skills and penchant for being successful at finding deviants.
  • Markus is also a deviant but is leading a revolution to liberate other robots. It is up to the player to be either aggressive or passive about his mission.

Here is a video with writer and director David Cage who details some of the challenges of Detroit: Become Human.

A Robot Must Protect Its Own Existence

Quantic Dream embarked on a mission to create a narrative that will compel players to think critically about the world. While that may not seem relevant, keep in mind that various robots already exist to simplify human tasks. So, it’s only a matter of time before robots take over the majority of jobs available. While society is not quite at the level that this Detroit: Become Human portrays, it doesn’t negate the idea that players shouldn’t consider a world filled with robots.

Either way, the concept of a near future noir narrative thriller is intriguing, but does this perk any interest for you? If so, join us in Discord to let us know.

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All images belong to Quantic Dream. The subtitles are simplified versions of the three laws of robotics originally from by Issac Asimov.

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