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Another day, another hotfix. After the massive Rocket League Starbase ARC update, there are several things that Psyonix Studios felt that they had to address.

Among all of the new features that Starbase brought us, there were several unforeseen consequences that had players a little disappointed, but it’s ok because the hotfix was released!

Hotfix Highlights

First and foremost:

Kyle Lemmon said on the Rocket League website, “We have removed Rocket Lab Arenas from the Casual Arena rotation (for now). Rocket Labs Arenas were appearing too frequently and the current ‘Arena Preferences’ system does not give players who dislike Rocket Labs maps enough sway to avoid them.”

I am personally very bad at Rocket Lab maps and I never play them. Knowing that I will not subject my teammates to a performance even worse than my normal skill level is a relief. Psyonix plans to come up with new ways to introduce these maps in the future with less frequency.

Next, the great stats reset of 2016:

If you have spent any time on Reddit or Twitter after the update, you know that many people lost their stats, item presets, experience, etc. after the update. Apparently, this was due to the game client looking at the wrong files in your local save data. This was more commonly an issue for people that played split screen. Psyonix is looking into ways to prevent this from happening again.

There is some good news, PC players should have all of their stats restored now. However, you poor console players will have to continue waiting for a fix to come your way. Help is coming soon.

Third, Map Selections:

A common joke after the update was that maps that were down-voted in your preferences seemed to show up more than others. Hilariously, this may have been true to Neo Tokyo and Wasteland. This should now be set right and the maps will appear with more normal frequency.

Finally, the bounce issue and some miscellaneous fixes:

Many players were experiencing a “bounce” when landing, and these were even worse in the Batmobile. With the exception of the Batmobile, this issue was hopefully addressed. More work still needs to be done with the Batmobile.

For a full list of features addressed by the hotfix, please see the patch notes here.

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