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Ever thought about what it would be like to navigate through your home utilizing just sound? Well, The Deep End Games is currently developing a title called Perception revolving around this concept.

Perception takes place in an abandoned house in Gloucester, MA. The plot focuses on a blind woman named Cassie who has spent some time researching and seeking a home from her very own nightmares. However, she quickly finds that something of a ghostly nature lurks within this dark building.

And it’s now after her.

A dark and gloomy look through Cassies "eyes" using soundwaves to map her surroundings in 'Perception'

“The house from her nightmares” is what our main character, Cassie, must navigate her way through to reveal the secrets that may lurk inside…

Details: Perception

  • Title: Perception
  • Studio Name: The Deep End Games
  • Platforms: PC / Mac / Linux (via Steam), other platforms (TBA)
  • Price: TBC
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Genre(s): Adventure, Horror, Atmospheric

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Dual core CPU @2.4 GHz +
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or Radeon 6870
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
The ghostly creature that hunts you in 'Perception' creeps by Cassie as she hides within what loks like a waredrobe/cupboard.

With only your wits as an effective “weapon,” Cassie must outthink her way out of treacherous scenarios and encounters with the apparition that haunts the house.

About Perception

First off, Perception is a game all about navigating your environment using “echolocation.” You might have heard of the term before from nature documentaries about animals like dolphins and bats. These are animals that use it to navigate their surroundings and hunt for prey.

In Perception, the player takes on the role of Cassie who has extraordinary hearing abilities. Cassie can apply the very same technique to navigate around a house on the Echo Bluff estate.

It’s not only the house of her nightmares that Cassie has to be wary of, however. A ghostly presence lurks around the home and will seek after her throughout the journey.

The player must be smart in how they utilize sound in Perception. You do so by using anything and everything to make “sound bombs.” These sound bombs travel through the house via the chimes of a grandfather clock, a pipe whistling or simply just by throwing an object at walls.

It is Cassie’s job to find out what mysteries lie within the Echo Bluff house. She then must right the wrongs that lie within the place. The player will watch as the house goes back through its history, warping and evolving as you traverse through the game.

A soundwave ripples throughout the interior of the Echo Bluff estate home. Revealing its interior...and an unwanted ghostly presence.

The player must be smart in how they utilize sound in ‘Perception’ and use anything and everything to make “sound bombs” to navigate around the estate.

Main Features: Perception

  • “See” using echolocation. Every sound creates a visual.
  • Engage in a deadly game of hide and seek with relentless enemies, including “The Presence.”
  • Trigger radical change at the at Echo Bluff each time you solve its mysteries.
  • Travel back through history to exorcise your nightmares.


Current Thoughts on Perception

After watching the game’s coverage from YouTubers, I have a keen interest in this title for quite some time. I like the style and concept. But this is mostly due to the nature of controlling a blind character to “see” with sound. Though, I will need to experience this mechanic firsthand. The Deep End Games designed a unique aesthetic while balancing detail well.

Top that with some fantastic audio, and Perception is sure to make you turn on your flashlight and check every crack and crevice for things that go bump in the night. For more news, information and updates on Perception, follow the developer on their Twitter page or visit their website.

Perception images belong to The Deep End Games.

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