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Ever wondered if plants were capable of becoming sentient? Well, thanks to Paradox Development Studio, you won’t need to think too hard about it. Paradox will soon be releasing their first species pack for Stellaris.

Stellaris is a grand strategy game that takes place in none other than our very own universe. Players get to choose which species of life to play as and then proceed to explore the unknown masses of space. All the while building relationships with other alien civilizations, or taking them over.

Bio screenshot of a plant alien for Stellaris

Screenshot of an alien plant profile

The new species pack for Stellaris,  Plantoids, will bring about a new species of interactive aliens. As the title suggests, these aliens are going to be sentient plant forms.

Plantoids will be an interesting addition to the universe of Stellaris. Currently, there are six different species groups in the game. Sentient plants will become the seventh playable phenotype.

Fifteen new portraits will be released with this pack, in addition to new ship models and an original cityscape backdrop.

Plantoids ships in Stellaris

Screenshot of Plantoid ships

The Plantoids species pack will be available for sale on August 4, 2016.

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