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PLAYERUNKNOWN announced plans for the much requested first person only mode.

This addition will be coming to European and North American servers for PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in the next monthly update.

For many players, the advantage presented by a third person, over-the-shoulder angle, especially when holding corners or “camping”, was too great and ruined the experience. Thus, calls for a “hardcore mode” were made public. Much to the developer’s credit, the idea has been taken seriously and well received.

The new mode will release sometime in August, and will be rolled out for solo and duo game modes on European and North American servers first. Other regions will receive the mode after any necessary polish and adjustments.

There is hope that this new mode will help players find their niche and make the game more competitive. From what is known, traditional servers with the ability to choose between the third person and first person view will still be active, leaving players to make the choice as to which mode they want to play.

About the game

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds released on Steam March 23, 2017, and has accrued over 300,000 active players. The game is available on Steam for $29.99 USD/£26.99 GBP. Players fight in a post-apocalyptic setting, scavenging for weapons, medication, and armor in an attempt to be the last player or team standing. Battlegrounds can be purchased here.

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