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Another Pokémon game makes its way to your iPhone, iPad and Android devices with Pokémon Duel. Utilize some of your favorite Pocket Monsters as figures on a strategy board game. Use these game pieces to battle your opponent’s pieces while trying to reach the goal in opposing territory to achieve victory.

Pokémon Duel

Of course, the main draw for this game will be the Pokémon themselves. Just like how diverse the Pokémon universe is, each game piece has different stats and abilities. Each game figure has a spin disk underneath them that lists their attacks. Players can also customize even further with other items, plates and a “fusion” mechanic to enhance their party members. With different aspects to keep in mind, the game should emphasize plenty of tactics and creativity.

Pokémon Duel

Online Battling

Nevertheless, aside from collecting new Pokémon figures, the name of the game is still battling with online opponents. Especially with mobile gaming, playing a robust and intuitive system on the fly is essential for a worthwhile experience.

Pokémon Duel offers a”League Match” at any point to give players the means to battle one another instantly. The system tries to pair you with people with similar records. The more you play and win, the more you can climb the ranks with a better chance to earn more figures and goodies.

Pokémon Duel

A Crowded Market

These days, the mobile gaming market has had a lot of competition lately. But as gamers, we all need to remember that competition is a good thing. It forces gaming companies to step up and put in extra effort with their apps. How far will Pokémon Duel go? Time will tell. Curiously, the game lacked a lot of marketing up to this point. Still, for fans of the series, it is something new to try out. See you all on the board game field.

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