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To kick Thanksgiving off to a good start, Pokémon GO creators Niantic Labs have announced a double experience, double Stardust weekend, meaning all actions result in bonus rewards.

Pokémon GO developers Niantic Labs are following up their Halloween event with something in the same vein – a double experience, double Stardust weekend spanning over Thanksgiving. The event starts November 23. The event will commence at 00:00 UTC, lasts for seven days and ends on November 30 at the same time.

spearowThanksgiving Event

So with the arrival of Thanksgiving this weekend, Niantic Labs has once again decided to spread some holiday cheer. Users will reap bonus rewards for all Pokémon GO actions completed over the duration. These activities include capturing new Pokémon, hatching eggs and evolving Pokémon. This event is a great occasion to help boost all trainers, both new and returning.

pokemon_go_logoAbout Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO launched in July 2016 and proved to be an immensely popular augmented reality (AR) mobile game. It allows trainers to capture Pokémon superimposed by going outside and visiting their surroundings. Players can also compete in Gyms similar to the Game Boy series to earn team prestige for one of the three teams – Mystic, Instinct and Valor.

Players can also visit locations of local importance, known as PokéStops, to collect in-game items. Additionally, players can power up and evolve their Pokémon using an in-game currency called “Candy” instead of battling to earn experience.

Players receive Candy by capturing wild Pokémon or evolving Pokémon of the same type. The game has had more than 500 million downloads to date. It spent most of the summer at the top of the iTunes and Google Play stores.

To find out more about the game, head over to the official website, or check out the App Store or Google Play store to download it for yourself! We wish you a happy Thanksgiving and happy hunting!

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