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With the newest update to Pokémon GO, many users have been in outrage due to the lack of communication from Niantic. Niantic recently released a statement explaining some of the newest updates to the game.

  • The Three-step Glitch: Previously, trainers could track Pokémon due to paw print markers in the “nearby” panel of the game. Pokémon nearby would appear with one print. Farther ones would be two prints. And the farthest would be three. However, a glitch occurred, which made all nearby Pokémon appear with the three paw prints. To address the problem, Niantic removed the paw prints altogether.

    “The original feature, although enjoyed by many, was also confusing and did not meet our underlying product goals. We will keep you posted as we strive to improve this feature.”

  • PokéVision: Due to the glitch, many sites popped up to allow trainers to see where Pokémon spawned. Niantic has limited the use of third-party apps such as PokéVision.

    Niantic also announced they are still working on launching Pokémon GO globally. Due to the amount of popularity, there have been numerous server issues, as many trainers have seen. To all of our friends who can’t play Pokémon GO yet: have patience! It’s better to wait for a fully functioning game rather than an incomplete one.

    “We have read your posts and emails and we hear the frustration from folks in places where we haven’t launched yet, and from those of you who miss these features. We want you to know that we have been working crazy hours to keep the game running as we continue to launch globally.”

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