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Another generation begins. The Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon titles released worldwide on November 18. With a whole new region to explore, additional Pokémon to catch and train, now is as good as ever to get back into the Pocket Monster craze.
Pokémon Red

For me, it started way back when my aunt was kind enough to buy me Pokémon Red one fateful day. I thought the Charizard on the cover looked cool as I loved dragon-like things back then. The moment I booted that title on my old-school Game Boy, I became instantly hooked.

Nintendo GameboyI spent countless hours playing that Pokémon Red title. When my brother got Pokémon Blue, some of my fondest gaming memories came from just playing with him in the living room, battling and trading with each other. But as time went on, I lost interest in Pokémon for whatever reason. There were other games to get into, yet part of me missed that particular magic deep down.

Say Alola to Generation VII

With the initial announcement for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, I became excited at the thought of recapturing nostalgia once again. I bought a Nintendo 3DS and preordered Pokémon Sun out of sheer anticipation. A different console, a different generation, but the basic formula remained intact. The critical decision at the start of every game: which starter to choose?

For me, the answer was obvious. I wanted Litten no matter what. It is an adorable, fire-spitting kitty.
Not to mention, Litten eventually evolves into a pro wrestler called Incineroar. Such a wacky, yet cool thought. Incineroar is a Heel Pokémon. A heel is a “bad” guy/girl wrestler who is supposed to make the crowd hate them. Neat!

And to be fair, the other starters are quite dynamic in their own ways as well. The owl becomes a ghost archer, while the sea lion turns into an elegant performer. With that said, all of these starters are great across the board. Truly impressive designs.

Some EloTalk Staff Starter Picks

Ziggy: “I’m picking the fire Pokemon cause of cat. Duh.”

Estelle: “I’m picking Rowlet because he’s adorable and the bowtie is the best. He also basically turns into tuxedo man for his third evolution. What’s not to love?”

Peter: “I am picking Popplio because I love pizza, and I usually go with water type normally.”

Natalie: “I would pick Litten as my starter if I were to play.”

Needless to say, many people around the world are going to have a blast with seeing what the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon titles have to offerI hope everyone, young and old, enjoys embarking on their journey through the Alola region!

Pokémon is a game series developed by Game Freak and distributed by Nintendo.

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