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In light of the release of “Recall”, Blizzard’s first series of animated shorts leading up to the release of Overwatch, we couldn’t help but notice fifteen new images when Winston initiates his “Overwatch Recall” sequence. Overwatch - Recall

Could these hint at the upcoming heroes released? By freezing the video, you can see that Blizzard thoughtfully blurred out all their names. What a tease!

But wait, that’s not it! In the following screenshot from the Blizzcon 2014 trailer of Overwatch, you can see some of the above heroes as well. This verifies that they are most likely upcoming releases! Or perhaps they were scrapped by Blizzard early on. We’re remaining hopeful!


What do you speculate about these heroes? How could they be connected to the Overwatch story?

Overwatch - Recall


Check out the full video below:






Screenshots are copyright of Blizzard entertainment. Edited fifteen hero photos taken from here with arrows pointing to blurred areas. Nothing in this article is verified and is all based on speculation. Blizzard has not announced any of these heroes officially at the time of publication.

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