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With the recent release dates for the tickets sales of Blizzcon 2016, we decided to take a look at all the announcements made since last year. For Heroes of the Storm, we saw that many promises, skins and features had been shown but did not make it to Nexus yet.blizzcon2015

Illidan’s Nightmare

This awesome mount has been announced almost a year ago already, on May 8 2015. While BlizzIllidan's nightmareard informed us that it would be coming soon at the time, it still is not in the shop and no information was given about how we will be able to get it. Some players suspect that it could be a reward of some kind, but we really can’t tell for sure if he was put on the side or will be used in a future project. Two new skins have also been revealed recently, Shogun Artanis and Shadowpaw Li-Li. They were shown at the same time as Dehaka, but are still not ready in the Nexus.


The Arena

Heroes of the storm arenaLast year, during the Heroes of the Storm panel, Blizzard revealed three different heroes, one map and a new mode. Those heroes were Cho’Gall, Lunara and Greymane, while the map was Tower of Doom. The new mode that they teased to us was the Arena. The Arena Battlegrounds would have two teams of 5 against each other in a best-of-three competition. Before entering the Arena, players would have to choose one of three randomized Heroes and they have the chance to see the 3 choices that their teammates have to work on a good composition. When the first match starts, each players will choose their heroic ability and run to battle on one objective. These matches would last around 5 minutes each and only feature one objective with no lanes. To make it even more interesting, there would be no limit of numbers of times that a hero can appear in one team (meaning you could have a team of 5 Sonya!). For the full article about the Arena, it is on the Heroes of the Storm News page.


Season 1 of Hero League

Many players have been excited about a first Hero League Season for HotS. They did talk about it a little at last Blizzcon, but they said that they want to improve the system before getting into a season.

We’re going to be in a pre-season for a little while. That’s just the reality at where we’re at and I am sorry for that. I know that Pre-seasons feels like that should have been like 2 weeks and we’re going to be many months in pre-season. – Dustin Browder, Blizzcon 2015

Now, that was in November 2015, but on March 22 of this year, Dustin Browder spoke in a developer update video and mentioned that they want to bring the first season as soon as possible. First, they will be bringing a few updates to the matchmaking and ranked system to make sure that it will be something that players can enjoy. They did those first updates in their last big patch with Heroes Bans, UI improvement and some balance upgrades. Is the game ready for a first season to roll? There is definitely some improvement that needs to be done concerning hero balance and the new UI, but it is something that Blizzard is trying to work on  in their recent patches!


More projects from Blizzcon 2015

During Blizzcon 2015, the development team also spoke about various changes that they would try to bring into the game to improve balance and matches. Some of those were already presented to us in recent patches!

  • Improve Gazlow’s viability in Esport (enhance zone control)grandmaster heroes of the storm
  • Nova: Talent Diversity
  • Mirror Team Comp in Quick Match
  • Death Recap
  • Bans
  • GrandMaster

GrandMaster is another big feature that many players are waiting for. It is inspired by their Starcraft system and will allow Rank 1 players to go even further in their competitive plays. However, not a lot of information were shared on the subject.


Which feature are you the most excited to see in the Nexus? There are no dates for any of the mentioned projects in this article, but they are all very promising and unique! We will make sure to keep an eye on any updates as soon as they are announced!


All screenshots and images are copyright of Blizzard Entertainment and Blizzcon 2015. 

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