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Rocket League is launching yet another update, announced during the Game Awards, Starbase ARC is a new space-age arena! The update debuts on December 7th, so the wait won’t be long! Also, fans have plenty to look forward to in the coming days, including the RLCS Grand Finals, and a Holiday update.

Starbase ARC

Immediately upon viewing the trailer of this exciting addition, thoughts went directly to Star Trek: The Next Generation’s theme. The first three notes have a very similar chord progression, making players rather hopeful for this update!

It will feature a new arena for players to compete on, which is octagonal in shape. This area will bring some fresh strategies to the game, making it a little more challenging to get those rebound kickoff shots. Nevertheless, professional players are going to enjoy the challenge it brings.



What’s even more intriguing is the new DLC car available called the “Vulcan.” (We see what you did there, Psyonix! Senpai’s noticed you!)

In fact, the car is an excellent tribute to Leonard Nimoy. Trekkies know Nimoy as “Spock,” who is part of the “Vulcan” race that uses logic to make decisions. He tragically passed away last year. Fortunately, Nimoy’s legacy will live on in many forms for this game, such as specialty coins.

Don’t miss out because some of these items are available for a limited time. Here are some pictures to show what to expect from Starbase ARC:



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