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Seems like the Olympics isn’t the only one going to Brazil, as Rainbow 6 Siege Operation Skull Rain Season 3 expansion adds a Favela map and two new Brazalian Operatives: Capitao and Caveira on August 2nd 2016.

Capitao is a tactical crossbow wielding bad ass that shoots infantry lethal asphyxiating bolts along with micro grenades and then for those who want to try to take more of a stealthy approach, you can play as Caveira an interrogator that approach it enemies with silence and is able to scare his victim to revealing the location of his comrades.

Operative Loadout screen

New Operator Loadout Description

Ubisoft has added it’s 13th destructible filled map in recognizeable in Brazil’s Favela type setting.


Rainbow 6 Siege State of the Game Update

Maps and Operators are not the only focus of this update as it plans to bring improvements to game play as well as state of the game. They are finally adding the Battle-Eye anti-cheat software which should please players who are tired of aim bots and other hacks which plagues a lot FPS games. They have also added a more intuitive load out screen which will help players communicate better on their choices of operator options and minor tweaks to the HUD such as displaying the health and armour more visible and removing irrelevant stats like speed.

Loadout screen!

New Load out screen!

Rainbow 6 Siege is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Are you excited for this update? What are your thoughts please share them in the comments below!

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