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Rockstar Games tapped into something different, they showed a snippet from the “trailer” for Red Dead Redemption 2 live on Twitch this morning at 11am EST.

“Listen to me, when the time comes you gotta run and don’t look back, this is over.”
We’re calling it a “sneak peak” because it was simply that. The “trailer” did not offer much but it hits all the right places of curiosity and conjures up the right types of nostalgia. Red Dead Redemption 2 will offer beautiful scenery, impressive graphics, the old wild west, and outlaws. Everything we loved about the original Red Dead Redemption, we will enjoy once again in Fall 2017. These days, games are in a different time in technology where being immersed is everything, the connections to characters and environments is something Rockstar has always gotten right. John, will we meet again?

Breaking down the teaser-trailer

Campfires are back! From what it looks like, we will be able to start campfires again. A feature that was in RDR for fast travel purposes plus campfires kept predatory animals away, coyotes and the like.
Red Dead Redemption
Fast Travel, speaking of being out in the open, trains, vast fields and expansive views, fast travel seems like it will make its way back aside from the normal means of traveling by horse. During the first run through of any  game, I like to experience everything as raw as possible, which means, I’ll be taking my horse every where for the first time around.

Rockstar wants you to play the original RDR

In lieu of RDR 2 being announced, PlayStation and Rockstar Games announced a new partnership which will allow players to play Red Dead Redemption via PlayStation Now. So before the game comes out, we can enjoy re-playing John Marston’s story as he hunts down the men he once called friends.

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