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Karazhan, also known as Medivh’s tower, has been announced to be a big feature of an upcoming patch. The World of Warcraft official Youtube channel shared with us an impressive preview of what the new content will be.
The patch will include Karazhan and a 5-player epic dungeon with 9 bosses, but don’t worry, the old raid isn’t going to leave anytime soon! There will also be a small raid between the Nightmare and Nighthold, completing the Stormheim storyline. Also, there will be more Suramar world quests and content.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxiofX97_G0&w=560&h=315]
What is Karazhan?
The most recent players who didn’t get the chance to experience the Burning Crusade might not know about this dark tower. Here is a summary of the story behind Medivh’s tower to prepare yourself for the patch! As of today, Karazhan is an abandoned citadel located in Deadwind Pass. It was built by Aegwynn, one of the greatest guardians of Tirisfal and the mother of the last guardian, Medivh.Karazhan aka Medivh's Tower

During the first war, Medivh lived in the tower with Moroes, his cook named Cook and his apprentice Khadgar. Sargeras, the demonic titan who created the Burning Legion, also had an eye on the tower. Medivh and Karazhan played a big part in his plan to unleash the Legion on Azeroth. More on this can be seen in the Warcraft movie and most of the story is written in the novel, The Last Guardian.

The tower sealed itself not long after the Dark Portal was opened, but was awakened by an evil presence. This became a level 70 players instance raid titled Karazhan.
In Legion, after learning about the Pillars of Creation early in the expansion, the players learn that the knowledge behind them was entrusted to the Guardian of Tirisfal. The players are then headed to Karazhan with Kadgar in hope of finding one of Medivh’s ancient tomes. However, agents of the Burning Legion are already assaulting the magic barrier protecting the tower. Even if Kadgar was able to bolster the defenses before leaving, he had little hope that it would keep the demons away…
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