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Tomorrow, August 30 the Legion will be unleashed upon Azeroth in the new expansion for World of Warcraft.  War has already started as players have been fighting against various invasions across the map.  The quest-line preparing us for the new content has been in the game for a few weeks —but now it is finally the time to truly fight back!

North America  —  12 am PTD
Latin America  —  12 am PTD / 4 am BRT
Australia & New Zealand  —  5 pm AEST


New Class — Demon Hunters

Demon hunters have been live already Demon Huntersfor a few weeks for those players who pre-ordered Legion and gained access.  This race-restricted class is only available to Blood Elves and Night Elves.  They can be deadly Havoc DPS or solid Vengeance tanks with a lot of mobility.  Each DH starts at level 98 and should be level 100 by the time they leave their starting zone. Which means they will be ready for Legion as soon as they enter Azeroth!




Artifact Relic Tree

In Legion, each class specialization will be able to earn a unique artifact weapon!  These will become available shortly after the introduction quest-line in the “new” Dalaran.  Starting with only one artifact weapon, players will be able to obtain their other ones later in the game.  The artifacts will have their progression system unlocked once they are retrieved which will include artifact traits.  Each artifact will provide a unique active ability and many passive traits.  Players will require Artifact Power to unlock these which can be earned by completing quests, dungeons, world content, arenas, battlegrounds, etc.  We will also be able to increase the stats and ilvl for the artifacts by equipping Relics which will come from the same sources as the AP.  Each player will start will two relic slots with a third one that is available to unlock with a quest-line.  Players can also unlock new colors or appearances for their artifact!  These weapons are either ones that have been already known by many players or are brand new to this world.



World Quests

World Quest , pet batttle

When a player reaches level 110 and has at least Friendly reputation with the five primary factions, they will receive their Flight Master’s Whistle and World Quests will appear.  A Flight Master’s whistle is a new item that will almost instantly whisk away the player to the nearest flight master.  The World Quests will be available all over your map and will have varying duration.  The most difficult quests will have longer a duration since they are the most rewarding ones, so definitely worth taking the time for.  There are many types of World Quests which include:  solo adventure, group challenge, profession tasks, world bosses, dungeon challenges, pet battles, PvP and more.  The rewards will include gold, Artifact Power, PvE/PvP gear, reputation, pet charms, reagents…  some rewards will scale to your current ilvl!

Emissary Quests are the quests that you will want to keep an eye on!  These quests will reward a valuable satchel and reputation.  A new emissary will become available everyday and you can have up to three at a time.



Class Halls!
Every class will now have a home!  Legion isn’t all about demons destroying Azeroth, it’s also about grouping together against a common enemy.  The class halls will be a refuge unique to your class where heroes will work with you to meet the challenges of the Broken Isles.

For the location of each hall, head to the World of Warcraft preview article!



Broken Isles map, world of warcraft

A lot to discover and rediscover!

In Legion we will adventure on a new continent —the Broken Isles will be ours to discover starting tomorrow.  Many dungeons and raids are on the way, and they will feature new content while reminding us of the the old!

Players will fight against the Naga -again- in the Eye of Azshara (5-man).  The Vrykul are also reborn in the new Halls of Valor (5-man) where we will fight against Odyn, Fenryr, Hyrja and more.  Also be raid ready for Tichondrius, Krosus and Gul’dan in The Nighthold (raid).

Unfortunately, madness took over in Shaladrassil as the Nightmare has corrupted every inch of the forest.  You will have to bring peace to the ancient creatures who were corrupted in the Darkheart Thicket (5-man).  This won’t be the only place to free from terror as the Vault of the Wardens (5-man) is now filled with creatures that were never meant to escape, but now roam freely in the hall.  Cordana Felsong will be among the bosses!

Another great fortress is under attack, again.  After being repaired, the Violet Hold houses the most dangerous servants of the Lich King.  However, a threatening shadow is here once more.  This time Assault on Violet Hold (5-man) will be featuring one of Sindragosa’s brood the Blood-Princess Thal’ena, Festerface (a failed experiment from Professor Putricide), Millificent Manastorm and more.

Dungeons & Raids Schedule

August 30:  Normal and Heroic mode dungeons will be available right away.  Mythic dungeons will become available a 8 pm.
September 20:  The Emerald Nightmare raid will open on Normal and Heroic.  Mythic keystones will also start to drop.
September 27:  The Emerald Nightmare Mythic difficulty will open as well as the raid finder (LFR) difficulty Wing 1
October 11:  The Emerald Nightmare (LFR) Wing 2
October 25:  The Emerald Nightmare (LFR) Wing 3


The Emerald Nightmare the emerald nightmare artworkis the long awaited raid.  Many know of the Emerald Dream created by the titans.  There is an unsettling presence that started to step foot within the dream and it will only keep on moving forward if not stopped.  The Emerald Nightmare will feature many players’ favorite characters in their corrupted form which they will have to fight against in an effort to save them.



World of Warcraft Battleground featuring the main buildings for the Horde and the Alliance

Legion PvP Season 1

Players will be able to earn Honor Points at the start of the expansion.  However, the first season doesn’t begin until September 20.  In Legion, the Honor and Conquest will no longer be considered currencies to buy gear.  Players who have reached the maximum level (110) will be able to earn points by competing in Battlegrounds or Arena in a similar fashion to how low-level earn experience.  We will be able to increase in Honor Level to a max level of 50.  While you level up you will gain rewards such as gold, Artifact Power and PvP gear.  When you reach level 50, you will also have to choice to go for Prestige.  Prestige Level will reset your Honor to level 1, but unlocks access to more rewards as you progress: a badge which will appear to other players in-game, a title, a wearable faction pennant, a new appearance for your artifact, a unique mount and pet.

Furthermore, Honor Talents are being added!  They will be active in PvP instances and will work in addition to your normal talents. They will be unlocked in the same way as the normal ones as you level up your Honor Level.Honor talent table

Since we won’t be able to purchase PvP gear anymore, Blizzard came up with a new system.  In PvP instances, your stats will be predetermined by your specialization.  Also, any set bonuses, legendary bonuses, enchants and trinkets will be deactivated during the instance.  The only contribution gained from your equipment will be based on your item level (ilvl).  The predetermined stats will be increased by 0.1% for every point that your average ilvl increases.  Players will also still be able to earn gear in PvP by completing Battlegrounds or Arenas in a similar way as we had until now with Strongboxes.  In rated matches, the quality of the items you will get will also be based on your rating.

Finally, the end-of-season rewards will be working in a slightly different fashion. They will be handed to the top percentage players of each faction. That means that both factions will have a chance at the gladiator individually. Also, the seasons will be shorter, but more frequent.

New Arena Maps!

Legion will be bringing in two branNew Arena Map featuring a Crow statued new maps to the Arena!  Located in Black Rook Hold, it will feature a large statue, as well as three alcoves.  Access to the alcoves will be restricted by a series of gates that will open and close randomly during the match.  When they are closed, players can use them to hide out of line-of-sight.  The second arena map in development is located in the forests of Val’sharah.  When the players first enter, they will be in a dome of vines that recede and grant access to the rest of the arena where they will find three statues that can be used to to their advantage.




Return to Kharazan

Return to Kharazan’s preview was released a few days ago, and unfortunately no more news about it has since been revealed yet.
Here’s the video followed by the latest trailer for Legion.


Many changes are still to come…  are you prepared?


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